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The Wake Up Call

Done Christmas Shopping

The Wake Up Call talks to listeners who have already finished Christmas shopping...

National Boss's Day

The Wake Up Call talks about ridiculous tasks that bosses have given...

No Name Movie Game

The Wake Up Call plays a round of "No Name Movie Game" for Disneyland tickets...

Florida Governor Debate

The Wake Up Call talks about a petty problem at a debate in Florida..

I Love You, Man

Gavin tells his best friends that he loves them for the very first time…

What's New At The End

Hot New Music

New Ariana Grande!

Ariana Grande has a new song out featuring The Weeknd!

New David Guetta!

Here is a new song called "Dangerous" By David Guetta ft. Sam Martin!

Hot New Jack & Jack!

Jack & Jack have a new song out now! It's called "Tides"!

New Eden XO!

Eden XO is out with a new pop song, "Too Cool To Dance"!