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The Wake Up Call

New Words and Sayings

Katie introduces Gavin and Jason to some new words and sayings...

It's Not a Hickey

This woman's boyfriend is upset about a mark on her neck, which she claims is not a hickey...

Katie Dumpster Dives

The Wake Up Call talks about Katie dumpster diving in her neighborhood...

Crazy Things At The Movies

What is the craziest thing you ever saw while at the movies...


The Wake Up Call reads some #GirlProblems tweets...

What's New At The End

Hot New Music

It's a 5SOS remake!

The 5SOS boys put their fun spin on this 80's classic!

New One Direction single!

1D's new album is out now! Check out their new song from the album!

Brand New Selena Gomez!

Selena surprised everyone by dropping this brand new track, and we love it!

Brand New Imagine Dragons!

Check out this very different, new track from Imagine Dragons!