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Posts from January 2014

Mom's Big Game Surprise

Here is a video of a son surprising his mom with tickets to the Big Game. Even if you hate the Seahawks, you have to admit, this is a cute video. Check it out below:


Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the video:
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That Awkward Moment

I like to consider myself a fairly weather-worn and seasoned movie fan.  You can throw any kind of Jennifer Lopez, Nicholas Sparks or twinklie vampire movie at me and, no matter how much it burns, I'll sit with it and see it out to the bitter end.  However, every once in a while there is a film that comes along that tests me so badly and catches me on the wrong night that I pull out my white rag, wave it high into the musty theater air and surrender the fight.  Yes, I'm talking about walking out of a movie before it ends because it's so bad.  My days without incident were probably in the high 300's until I saw That Awkward Moment and now I have to set it back to zero.

I left with probably fifteen minutes left in the movie but I can tell you what happened.  I'll bet all the guys realized their frienship was super important and they loved each other and then Zach Efron's character makes it up to Imogen Poots' (28 Weeks Later, Fright Night) character by getting people to go to one of her author seminars and they live happily ever after.  I'll bet you $1,000 I'm right and I swear to God I didn't see it.  You know why I'm so sure?  Because it's one of the most predictable, cliche, paint-by-number romantic comedies I've ever seen.

I won't even ding a rom-com that much for being completely unoriginal.  90% of them are unoriginal and the reason why is because the target demographic of 18-34-year-old women don't want it to be original because they want to see what they know they'll like...for some reason.  What set That Awkward Moment apart from other mediocre comedies is that it tries so hard to be something that it's not by such a long shot that it gets embarrassing for everyone involed.  

The movie stars Efron, Michael B. Jordan (Fruitville Station, Chronicle) and MIles Teller (21 & Over, Project X) as three early twenties, super successful professionals living in New York City that are the closest of best friends.  There is such a lack of chemistry between these three, however, that it's believable that they met for the first time on set on the first day of shooting.  You don't buy for a single second that these guys are friends and every exhausting second they're together feels contrived.  To make matters worse, first-time writer/director Tom Gormican allows these three douchebags to riff and improv with each other like they're Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill except they're not even on the same planet as those guys.  Swingers made it seem so easy to have a romantic comedy about guys in the dating world that was really funny but that was because it was filled with actors with real talent and skills in comedy.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, the icing on this crap cake is the decision to make it an R-rating and a fairly hard one at that.  This makes me wonder who the studio thinks this movie is made for because there's absolutely nothing that an adult with an IQ over 80 would find funny and it's way too bawdy for any responsible parent to feel comfortable allowing their 13-year-old to see it.  Maybe that was Gormican's attempt to be edgy but it's desperate and pathetic.

So with me pouring all this Haterade on it, why didn't this movie get an F?  There are two qualities that kept it from that infamous group.  The first is New York City which always makes for a gorgeous backdrop that forces itself to be a character in every movie it's feartured in.  The other is two or three scenes that feature recognizable character actor Josh Pais (Adventureland, Teeth) who offers up the only laughs in the whole film.  Actually, there is one more positive thing about That Awkward Moment; it's truth in advertising that with a title like that you know what you're gonna get...an awkward moment for when you realize you wasted your money.

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Here's all my Facebook posts about the Grammy's tonight!  ( www.facebook.com/CKontheRadio )

Daft Punk's night just got even bigger. I did not see an Album Of The Year win coming for them, wow! I wonder what exactly do Robots do to celebrate big victories like this?? 

Also, shoutout to Sacramento's own and American Idol alum Mandisa, who won 2 Grammys tonight for Contemporary Christian Song and Album!

Jay Z gave his wife and daughter shoutouts in his Holy Grail win acceptance speech: "I wanna thank God...for putting that beautiful light of a young lady in my life. And I wanna tell Blue that look, Daddy got a gold sippy cup for you!" 
Well done, Jay, well done.

Gotta give it to Taylor Swift, not only have we watched hew grow up before our eyes, she really has grown musically as well. Cool seeing her at the piano, a good look for her. 
As a bonus, Willow Smith would have been proud of her hair whipping tonight as well.

Slightly classier performance from Robin Thicke than the last time we saw him! haha 
BTW, those old guys he was performing with was Chicago, a group popular in the 70s & 80s. They only had 34 songs hit the Top 40 in their day, no big deal. Yes, 34!! That's a lot. 
Thought that was a super-cool version of Blurred Lines with their horns in the background though. And twerk-free. That was key.

Crazy that Daft Punk has been making people shake their booties for almost 20 years now. Their song Around The World is still one of my all-time fave dance tracks. Hope it's a good night for them. 1 win so far!

Wow Lorde did not look like a teenager tonight. Very grown up. She also evidently voted in an Iraqi election before she took the stage tonight. 
(sorry, fingernails joke, please don't make me explain it!)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis win Best New Artist. But the big question is... will Ryan Lewis ever speak a word tonight?? I suspect they'll win a couple more, so he'll have a chance! haha

Now that was sexy performance. The Grammy are off to a steamy start! Really cool seeing Beyonce & Jay Z perform together, although I was worried it was gonna get a little too personal there for a sec! 
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Justin Bieber Arrested

Justin Bieber was arrested early this morning in Miami on suspicion of DUI and drag racing.

TMZ has video:

Listen to the Wake Up Call make predictions about where Justin Bieber will be in 10 years:
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Spoiler Debate

While doing a red carpet interview at the SAG Awards Jennifer Lawrence had Season 3 of "Homeland" spoiled for her by a reporter. Watch video of the interview here:

Listen to the Wake Up Call debate spoilers:
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1D Microphone Audio

 Here is a video of a One Direction live concert with just the audio of their microphones:

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the video:
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Over the NFL

Some thoughts from 49ers vs. Seahawks... NFC Championship Game

Halfway through the 1st quarter:
You know what, I'm turning this game off. Football sucks. That personal foul penalty on Whittner was an absolute joke. Football with all its new "protection" rules has become a joke. Football is a violent game, we don't want to admit it, but that's why so many people like it. I hope the Niners win, but I'm not going to waste my time getting all upset over a game. Over it. Can it be baseball season already please?

A couple hours later:
So I turned the game back on in the 4th quarter (see my earlier post) to check the score just in time to see one of the Niners best players get his leg practically snapped in half, and to add insult to injury, even though he the had the ball in his hands at the end of the play, evidently none of the refs saw it, allowing everyone to pile on top of the injured player who of course couldn't hold on to the ball in such excruciating pain. The Seahawks were allowed to keep the ball. Disgusting. At this point, I once again turned the game off, and I'm glad I did. 

Seeing everyone's posts about Sherman, I decided to watch his post-game "interview." That, my friends, is what the NFL has turned into today. I couldn't be more appalled at the overall product the NFL is producing these days, from the new pansy rules to the arrogant breed of players which are rapidly coming to dominate the sport. It's just not entertaining anymore. I will not be watching the Super Bowl.

Thankfully, Giants pitchers & catchers report in 26 days, and Opening Day is only 71 days away. Can't come soon enough.
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Man Asks Jogger To Unzip His Pants

Check out the full story from KCRA here.
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Guy Claims To Be Conan's Son

This guy posted a video online of himself claiming to be Conan O'Brien's illegitimate son. Watch the video below and let us know if you think that this could be the late night host's son or if this is just a joke:

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The Lone Survivor

Full disclosure, I'm a tad biased for this film.  My good friend Dave is the cousin-in-law of a girl named Cindy Axelson.  Cindy is the widow of Matt Axelson, who is one of the four soldiers this movie is based on.  By me saying she's the widow isn't a spoiler considering the title is The LONE Survivor.  I've met her a few times and she's a lovely woman who's insanely strong considering what she's been through.  For her sake, I hoped, as I sat in the theater before the movie began, that this was going to be a good film.  It's what is deserved considering what these guys went through.  When the movie ended and everyone wiped tears from their eyes and clapped, I was thrilled to say that it was one of the greatest war films ever made.

There is no doubt that director Peter Berg has total admiration for the military.  But when I saw that he was the one to take on this story I was very nervous.  Sure, he's done great movies like The Kingdom, Friday Night Lights and my guilty pleasure Very Bad Things; but he's also had horrendous bombs like Battleship, Hancock and The Rundown.  The former actor is kind of like a subdued Michael Bay with a slightly less raging ego.  His films have style and skill but also teeter on silly and can easily wobble off kilter.  The Lone Survivor was a passion project of his though and he also wrote the script based on the book by the lone survivor himself, Marcus Luttrell.  That attachment drips from every frame because this is Berg's finest film.

Mark Wahlberg stars as Luttrell and gives one of the most intense performances of his rather limited yet still impressive career.  He's joined by Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma), Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) and the every present but no one knows why Taylor Kitsch.  Kitsch is a good actor but he seems to be box office poison.  He starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Battleship and the epic failure John Carter.  Each was worse than the last but I'm happy that Berg gave him another chance in this because he plays the calm and collected commander very well.

The true story is about a 2009 mission in Afghanistan where four Navy Seals were trapped by the Taliban and fought harder than anyone can imagine to stay alive.  The survival story of Luttrell is so emotional that the jaded side of me believed it was mostly made up so Hollywood can push the perfect story on us but it's all true and it's even supported by photos of the actual people at the end of the film.  I won't give anything away but it's easy to think this is pro-America propaganda that makes you despise all the people of Afghanistan but you'll see that that's not the case and that some of those people are more amazing and braver than most Americans.  The story makes you cheer for humanity, not hate it.  Because of that, you can sense that this is a war film that can be taken in by even those who are passionately anti-war.

The Lone Survivor is two-hours-long and goes by at the blink of an eye.  Once the action starts, it doesn't stop for a single second which makes the intensity even more powerful.  It's a situation that seems impossible to get through as a viewer which makes you unable to fathom how the actual soldiers felt.  I know that Berg flew Cindy out for the premiere and she's seen the film.  How she was able to watch it is something I'll never be able to comprehend but for the rest of us it should be essential viewing.  If you support our involvement over there, it makes you respect the men and women who fight no matter what and understand why they do.  If you don't support our involvement there, it has the exact same effect.  A very impressive accomplishment and not something that many war films have pulled off.

Gavin's Giveaway this week is Elysium on DVD! CLICK HERE to enter to win!
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