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"Ultimate 5" Places Not To Breastfeed

Yesterday Wisconsin passed a bill that allowed women to breastfeed there babies anywhere. However we are sure that everyone will agree that there are some places where breastfeeding just shouldn't be done. So with the help of our listeners we put together a list of the "Ultimate 5" places not to breastfeed. Here are the 5 places: - A Restaurant - A Childrens Clothing Store - A Grocery Store - Court - Church What do you think of our "Ultimate 5?" Let us know in the comments below.

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02/17/2010 8:19AM
"Ultimate 5" Places Not To Breastfeed
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02/17/2010 8:55AM
This is a stupid list. Don't you guys have better things to do with your time than make up silly lists like this? Women can breastfeed anywhere and whenever they need to.
02/17/2010 9:01AM
are you kidding me.........what the baby isn't allowed to eat when everyone else is eating........a kids clothing store, why not????, a Grocery Store?? why not??, Court - would you rather the baby screams her guts out? ditto for Church........you can'tget any more pure than breastfeeding your infant ...give me a break.
02/17/2010 9:01AM
Wendy Armbruster Bell
I would breastfeed, have breastfed and recommend breastfeeding in any or all of these places. Not to mention that breastfeeding in public is protected by law in many states including California! A woman's right to breastfeed her baby in any location where she is otherwise allowed to be is protected by law. This post is complete garbage. Wendy www.PumpEase.com
02/17/2010 11:56AM
This is quite shocking... A restaurant! Are you not there to eat, what about your baby? Are they to starve?? A Children's Clothing Store! What rot, if I was told not to feed my child in that store they would NEVER get my business as a customer, EVER. A Grocery Store! Buying food to feed your family and feeding your family, can't see the problem. Court - a tough one, depends which side of the bench you are on I suppose. Church! OMGoodness how could this be on the list? God's children need feeding, that is nothing short of discrimenatory. I agree full breast exposure should be frowned upon but discreet breastfeeding, come on guys (and I am sure MEN were behind this decision) get over yourselves.
02/17/2010 1:00PM
Robyn Lancaster
Uhmmm...wondering why a "nasty bathroom stall" didn't make your list?
02/18/2010 1:07PM
i thinkas long as women are covering ther boosems they can breast feed anywere they damn well please
02/19/2010 5:25AM
I think this is spot on. Breastfeeding in public is disgusting. Why can't you just pump earlier and feed the baby with a bottle? How much of an inconvenience is that?
02/24/2010 9:17AM
Cheree Hill
As a lactation consultant and breastfeeding mother, I find this list insulting and unfounded. What is being disrupted by a mother feeding her child? Babies need to eat just as much as you do. And as for Lauren, pumping at home and feeding later does not solve the problem. Your breasts are producing milk all the time so what do you do with your full breasts when you're out? Nurse! Let's be reasonable people! Would we be having this conversation if there was no such thing as formula? What do you think mothers have been doing since the beginning of earth to feed their children? BREASTFEED!
07/11/2010 3:25PM
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