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14 Karat Gold Tanning Lotion

You wouldn’t believe how tan I am right now. I can safely say this is the darkest I have ever been. Why? Because I recently started using 14 Karat Gold tanning lotion, and it has made me twice as dark and the tan really lasts. Now when I say dark, I of course mean dark for me (pale, redhead)…So if you are someone who doesn’t struggle to darken up as much as I do then this lotion is going to make you look amazing. I get mine at California Sun Centers and I returned the empty bottle of my last lotion and got $10 off, but you can also find it online at the-tanning-store.com. You will be blown away at how flawless and fabulous your beautiful skin looks!


06/28/2010 3:46AM
14 Karat Gold Tanning Lotion
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06/28/2010 4:00AM
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