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20 Compliments Women Want To Hear

TheFrisky.com came up with a list of the "20 compliments women want to hear:" 1. “Your behind is phenomenal.” 2. “I wish I were as smart as you.” 3. “Good god, you’re flexible.” 4. “You’re nicer to my mother than I am.” 5. “I love it when you use big words.” 6. “Your breasts are phenomenal.” 7. “You are the funniest person I’ve ever met, and I’ve met everyone else.” 8. “You make me forget I ever dated anyone else.” 9. “I like the way you snuggle.” 10. “Your legs are phenomenal.” 11. “You make me never want to play video games again.” 12. “You are my porn.” 13. “You don’t have to cheer me up, because just being around you makes me happy.” 14. “You’re phenomenal in bed.” 15. “I love that you understand quantum physics and smell good.” 16. “When I’m not with you, I want to tear my face off my skull.” 17. “You cook better than my mom.” 18. “Marrying you was the smartest idea I ever had.” 19. “You are/are going to be the awesomest mom ever.” 20. “You’re phenomenal.”


05/27/2010 2:51AM
20 Compliments Women Want To Hear
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