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2010 in music - some year end thoughts

My 10 faves of 2010 (in no particular order): Magic B.o.B f/RIVERS CUOMO Waiting For The End LINKIN PARK Dynamite TAIO CRUZ Haven't Met You Yet MICHAEL BUBLE Misery MAROON 5 Rocketeer FAR EAST MOVEMENT f/RYAN TEDDER Vanilla Twilight OWL CITY Bulletproof LA ROUX Billionaire TRAVIE McCOY f/BRUNO MARS Rhythm Of Love PLAIN WHITE T's 5 great songs from 2010 you probably never heard: Shark In The Water VV BROWN Great song from an artist from the UK, very reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, just without the train wreck. Sadly, she only made it as high as #67 over the spring. Worry About You 2AM CLUB Catchy track from a bay area band with a Maroon 5 sound. Probably would have been a hit had Maroon 5 sang it, but unfortunately no one gave this no name band a shot. Secret SEAL Seal (perhaps better known now as Mr. Heidi Klum) hasn't had a pop hit in over a decade now, so radio didn't much care when he put out a new CD in 2010. But I think they overlooked this gorgeously simple yet heartbreaking ballad from a great songwriter. Gypsy SHAKIRA This song ended up being a victim of a record label trying to force their artist into a sound they're not right for, and releasing the wrong song. The label decided that Shakira's follow-up to She Wolf should be the generic Give It Up To Me, because it was produced by and featured Timbaland (because Timbaland puts out nothing but hits, right??), instead of the melodic and interesting Gypsy. Shakira even performed Gypsy on American Idol in the spring, which should have been all the impetus this song needed, but instead, it was a big fumble for her label. Thinking 'Bout Somethin' HANSON Yeah, that Hanson. The Mmmbop brothers from the 90s are still releasing music (despite the fact that they have about 20 children between the 3 of them), and they had a song this year that was surprisingly good. Or maybe we shouldn't be surprised, after all, they always did play their own instruments. Their musicianship has certainly grown over the years, and this song was an absolutely delightful and fun bit of pop/soul that deserved to be heard. My 5 worst songs from 2010: Not Myself Tonight CHRISTINA AGUILERA Don't you hate it when popular artists who haven't had a hit in a while try to "fit in" with the current sound when they make their return? Well, that's exactly what Christina did on her 2010 album Bionic. People accused her of trying to sound like Lady Gaga, which was a fair accusation as far as I'm concerned. Christina, you can sing better than most of the females popular today, just stick to the type of music that made us fans in the first place! Dirty Picture TAIO CRUZ f/KE$HA It's the best of both worlds: an annoying song and a horrible message! Originally slated to be Taio's follow-up single to Break Your Heart (instead of Dynamite? What were they thinking??), the video featured Ke$ha crouching over a toilet, which is certainly where this song belongs. Between the two of them, they must say "take a dirty picture baby" at least 50 times in this repetitive piece of work. Lovely. Unfortunately, it eventually did get released after Dynamite, but only peaked at #96 on the charts, which is still a little too high in my opinion! Young Forever JAY-Z f/MR HUDSON My main problem with this song is that it samples a classic 80s tune, Forever Young by Alphaville. Jay-Z's version isn't horrible, but still I feel certain songs should be off limits. Although if you look at it another way, Jay-Z made Alphaville bigger than a Yankee can. Oh wait, that's his other song! The Time (The Dirty Bit) BLACK EYED PEAS I'm sorry, but I really don't like this song. And what's with the title, anyway? Okay, I understand that all women must instinctively love the movie Dirty Dancing, but that doesn't mean I have to like all the songs from it. Enter the Black Eyed Peas, who thought it wise to turn the Bill Medley/Jennifer Warnes #1 hit from 1987 into a very disjointed, not particularly creative attempt at what I can only assume they were hoping would be I Gotta Feeling part two. And have you ever tried to dance to it? Virtually impossible with all its tempo changes. Licky SHONTELLE With a name like Licky, where can you go wrong? When I first heard this song earlier in the year, I had a hard time keeping from laughing, it was that bad. Thankfully I can't remember many of the awful lyrics, but with Licky as the title, I'm sure you can figure out what it was all about. It was actually intended to be Shontelle's first single from her latest CD, but evidently other radio people must have felt the same way that I did about the song, so she changed her mind and instead released Impossible (a must better choice!), which of course went on to be a big hit for her over the summer.


01/01/2011 3:53PM
2010 in music - some year end thoughts
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