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A 13-year old makes me think....

Today, we got a call from a 13 year old kid named Eddie. Listen to call here. I have never met Eddie.  I've only talked to Eddie one time.  I already want to be Eddie.  (How?  Read on.....) You hear me every single day on the Wake Up Call.  It's my job to kind of keep the show running a long smoothly.  If I am being 100% honest with you guys, I have self esteem issues. I think these issues started when I was younger.  I was always nervous speaking up in front of class when I was in school.  I was too shy to talk to girls!  Yeah, I was that kid! Why did I get into radio?  You might laugh, but this is the truth!  I got into radio because I thought that I could "be myself and nobody will know it's me"!!!  Sure, radio has turned into much more than just what you hear on the air.  Now we shoot videos of what we're doing.  You guys really get to take a look into our lives.  You can't really be anonymous if you work on the radio. Over the years, I have grown more comfortable being myself on the air.  I have also grown more comfortable being in front of crowds and groups  It took me years to get as comfortable as I am! Now, back to Eddie!  Listen to him!  He's 13 year's old.  THIRTEEN YEARS OLD!   How crazy is this?  I am jealous over how comfortable and cool Eddie is sharing his opinion.  He doesn't seem to care what other people think.  He says what he's thinking and does it with the swagger of a pimp. I think we can all take something from Eddie.  Speak your mind.  Who cares what other people think?  Just speak up!  Oh that's right.  We are adults.  There are consequences to being like Eddie.  Those consequences don't really exist when you are 13. Now I'm confused.  Am I jealous of Eddie, or do I just wish I could be 13 again so that I could tell a few people what was really on my mind!  How cool would that be?  I'm talking about being able to comfortably tell a teacher that I disagreed with them.  I'm talking about having the confidence to go face to face with my former bullies and ask "what's the real issue here?  Do you have something that's bugging you?  Do you need a hug?  What's the real reason that you want to punch me?  Is mommy's drinking causing you to lash out here on the playground"? Maybe it's better that I didn't speak up as a kid.  The world needed a radio personality!  I wouldn't be who I am today had I been more confident as a 13 year old.  Eddie?  I'm not sure what the world needs, but I have a feeling you will find a hole and fill it!  Doctor?  Lawyer?  CEO?  Inventor of the Weitonbullnet?  (Trust me, it's gonna be huge in 20 years!  It's going to make the Internet look like a horse next to a race car.) Eddie, someday...I want to work for you!


05/25/2010 6:44AM
A 13-year old makes me think....
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05/25/2010 8:12AM
This was a good write up Jason!!!! I agree, if you would've spoken up when you were a kid.. who knows where you would be today!!! You've done good!!! As for Eddie.. he is a kid with a lot of power, at 13.. CRAZY!!! Especially with how many people enjoyed hearing him and agreeing with what he said!!! He had some good points!!! I don't think it's jealousy, I think you are in awe, of a child who could explain things a little better than us adults!!! Like I had posted earlier.. I think his parents said this to him.. and they should be proud, that he did retain the usefull information and was able to use it a "couple" of years later.. on the RADIO no less!!! Eddie is a smart kid.. and will go far in life.. crazy how easy we can say this.. after just ONE phone in to the radio!!! He was smooth and calm!!! :)
05/25/2010 8:36PM
I ♥ Eddie...I loved hearing him on the radio this morning, it was a great start to my day. By the way is he going to be the official "non-professional opinion" kid on the show? I hope so, I want to hear more from Eddie :)
05/26/2010 5:08AM
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