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A Message for the Crazy Eyed Guy

Yesterday, I was driving home from work and I stopped at a traffic light, because that's what you do when they are red.  Next to me, in a small Ford Fiesta (yes the same car that the American Idol's won), was a man with a a beard.  I mention the beard because it was missing the the mustache.  Yes, the driver of the Ford Fiesta was also sporting a Lincoln beard. As I waited for the light to change, I noticed that "Lincoln Beard" was looking at me.  I casually spun my head to the right and made eye contact.  My eyes locked on him.  I couldn't look away.  One of his eyes appeared to be twisted to the side.  I am not judging him.  I was trying to figure out how this happened.

(It looked something like this)

I gave him a guy "nod".  It's something we do when we are trying to acknowledge each others presence.  He gave me a deeper stare.  At this point, the light changed to green.  As I looked back toward the road, I saw "Lincoln Beard" appear to give me the finger. Once again, my guilt has gotten to me.  Did I make him uncomfortable? I admit, his twisted eye caught me off guard.  I was mostly curious as to how one could get a twisted eye.  I regret even looking, but he started looking at me first. I have two messages for "Lincoln Beard". 1) I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable, but you shouldn't have given me the finger. 2) Buy a pair of sunglasses.


05/28/2010 6:56AM
A Message for the Crazy Eyed Guy
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