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Jason's Blog

A poem about my headache

When I was in college, I was friends with a girl who was really into poetry.  One day, for fun, I wrote a poem in about 2 minutes.  People liked my poem.  She got upset because it wasn't deep enough and she thought I was making fun of her and poetry.  That's the best part about poetry.  It can be about pretty much anything you want it to be about and it can sound however you want it to sound.  Tonight, I decided to write a new poem. It is here for you to enjoy. A Headache, My headache Hello my headache I'm glad that you are here, but if you wouldn't mind. GO AWAY!  GET OUT OF MY HEAD!  STOP TORTURING MY BRAIN!  YOU MAKE ME WANT TO BANG MY HEAD AGAINST THE FLOOR TO MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY, BUT I REALIZE HOW STUPID THAT WOULD BE BECAUSE BANGING MY HEAD AGAINST THE FLOOR WOULD ONLY MAKE MY HEADACHE WORSE!!!! Now on a final note I'll say just one last thing But don't expect a rhyme because nothing rhymes with GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU PAINFUL DEMON OF THE SKULL THAT I WISH I COULD KILL BY STABBING YOU TO DEATH WITH A PLASTIC SPORK. (Written by Jason on 5-27-10 @ 8:00pm)


05/27/2010 5:04PM
A poem about my headache
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05/27/2010 5:20PM
that was beautiful... :) you are a true poet, Jason.
05/27/2010 5:21PM
That. Is. Amazing.
05/27/2010 6:02PM
I feel the same way about my headaches! haha
05/27/2010 6:29PM
Hahahaha My new favorite poem!!
05/28/2010 4:09PM
Oh wow, that brought me to tears. Beautiful, just beautiful.
05/22/2011 2:34PM
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