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Adam Lambert and Glee return on Tuesday!

After a four month break with no new episodes to speak of, Glee finally returns tomorrow night! Everyone's favorite misfit show choir makes their gleeful return to Tuesday nights after American Idol. The only slightly confusing thing is the time at which the show comes on. Evidently it will begin at 9:28pm tomorrow, and then back to its normal 9:00pm spot the following week. Does that mean this week's episode is only a half an hour (more like 32 minutes) long?! BLASPHEMY! In the episode entitled "Hell-O", the cast will cover everything from All-American Rejects to AC/DC! Lea Michele's Rachel character will sing "Gives You Hell" directed at Finn. That should be interesting! And keeping with tomorrow night's theatrical feel on FOX, American Idol will be welcoming back Adam Lambert as the mentor for the top nine as they take on Elvis Presley music. Lambert told Beatweek magazine, "When they asked me to be a mentor I thought ‘cool, that sounds great.' When I watched the past couple of years before auditioning for it, I always had ideas, I always had my own kind of opinions about the contestants." With a double elimination on the horizon fter last week's Judge's save, the Top 9 will have to work even harder to preserve their spots in the competition. We wonder what advice Lambert will give to the contestants. If he suggests guy-liner to any of the men, I suggest running away quickly!


04/12/2010 3:18PM
Adam Lambert and Glee return on Tuesday!
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04/12/2010 4:08PM
Wow. Are you sure you're old enough to be writing for this site. That last statement makes you sound like your what?...about 8.
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