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Alicia Keys and....Stephan C?

If Alicia Keys and Jay Z inspire you with dreams of New York City....take a listen to Alicia Keys and Stephan C on the Colbert Report!
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12/17/2009 1:27AM
Alicia Keys and....Stephan C?
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03/06/2010 1:58PM
Kym Williams
Jason, I justed wanted to let you know, The RED ENVELOPE website was fabulous. However, you really should let the listeners know that Red Envelope gives out your credit card and security code info to marketing groups with out your knowledge. I recently had a charge for $15.95 which was from red envelope however when I called the number on my statement to see what the additional charge was for, The number was for a company called ENCORE MARKETING GROUP. This marketing company charged me for a discount program which they say waas an automatic sign up when i intered THE END on the discount box. I have had to close my account due to the fact I have no idea how many companies may have my information. You really should do your homework before advertising a company who screws over your listers. Sincely, Kym Williams
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