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Annoying Guy Blocks My View at WEC Show

I went to Arco Arena for the WEC show and this annoying guy was blocking my view, so I thought I would showcase him in a video.


06/08/2009 4:39AM
Annoying Guy Blocks My View at WEC Show
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06/08/2009 4:56AM
I would have asked the dude to sit his ass down. Everybody paid to watch and seat is included. If you dont say anything than you just suffer in silence.. cheers
06/08/2009 4:56AM
dude you should of had chuck lidell go knock him out.
06/08/2009 5:08AM
It was almost more fun to watch his goofy antics than to say something and watch him with a sad face for the rest of the show.
06/08/2009 5:32AM
The guy is just rude. What was he thinking ? Oh yeah he wasn't. I think I would have asked him to sit down and after 5 or 10 minutes he didn't I would just keep filming him and make fun of him saying this will be funny on Youtube
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