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Anyone else on Team Rozlyn??

alg_rozlyn_papa_bachelorAlright, this may shock you, but I actually believe Rozlyn.  She's the girl who was kicked off The Bachelor earlier this season for her "inappropriate relationship" with one of the producers of the show.  The Bachelor (when I say this I will be referring to the show, and not Jake himself) obviously insinuated big time that she had slept with this producer, doing everything they could to convince us of this fact without actually coming out and saying it (which they couldn't, because that would be lying).  In subsequent weeks, Rozlyn and the host, Chris Harrison, had a bit of a war of words in various interviews, with Harrison still pushing the story of the mysterious relationship, and Rozlyn all the while denying anything inappropriate happened. If you watched the Girls Tell All episode last night, you may have picked up on some things Rozlyn said which had not previously been disclosed on the show.  Such as, she was frustrated for not being able to speak with her 7-year old son back home.  If you believe some of the behind-the-scenes reports available on the net, Rozlyn was so upset she was not allowed to speak with her son (probably because his father did not consent to allow him on The Bachelor, something you may have picked up on from last night's episode), that some sort of incident happened in the house which would have made no sense to show the audience, since we were never even told that she was previously married and had a child.  The Bachelor thus had to come up with some sort of a story to get her out of the house, so they simply wouldn't have to deal with this issue. So that brings us to this "relationship."  There obviously was something between Rozlyn and the producer guy.  Add to that the fact that Rozlyn certainly comes across as uber-flirty (yes, I'm being nice with my choice of adjectives), so I imagine there probably was some playful touching between her and the producer which most likely raised some eyebrows of the other girls in the house.  Could they have been having a budding relationship?  Quite possibly.  Is that enough to kick her off the show?  I don't know.  Do you believe this is the first time a contestant has ever done any flirting with anyone working on the show?  Doubtful.  But I do believe her when she says it went no further.  Why?  Well, two reasons.  First, as Rozlyn said last night, there are cameras everywhere, and The Bachelor even makes contestants sign a form warning them they can be recorded audio and visually at any time day or night.  So she called them on it.  "Why don't you have any footage of us if this really happened?"  That's pretty convincing in my book.  Harrison came up with some lame excuse about how there's a lot of down time and we can't have the cameras rolling all the time, blah blah blah.  Well, considering how much emphasis The Bachelor put into promoting this scandal (their entire advertising campaign the first couple weeks of the show centered around it), one would think that if they suspected something scandalous was happening, they would have at least planted a mic somewhere so they could snoop on the supposed "inappropriateness."  Nope.  Second, if they really had proof that she slept with him, they would have come out and said it.  The fact that The Bachelor had to call it an "inappropriate relationship" indicates to me that it's pretty obviously they had nothing on her.  Instead, I believe this is something they had to concoct to keep the show from dissolving due to Rozlyn's behavior after not being allowed to contact her son.


02/23/2010 12:39PM
Anyone else on Team Rozlyn??
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02/23/2010 1:03PM
I'm on team Rozlyn, I think she is telling the truth, the show wanted drama and I cant stand Chris!
02/23/2010 2:20PM
Chris K
I'm glad you agree!! I assume you're talking about the host Chris and not me?? haha
03/01/2010 6:18PM
I'm on team Rozlyn....and a female. She was singled out becauase she is super beautiful, sensual, and Chris Harrison knew all the fat women sitting at home eating bon-bons would jump of the "i hate that blonde slut" bandwagon, no thought process involved. The public is so naive. Chris harrision saw a rating increase situation and a "let's secure my host job", and took it.
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