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April Fool's Backlash

Here is a picture of the prank Jason pulled on his wife Marisa that many people got angry at him for:

Do you think Jason's prank was funny?
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Here is a picture of the April Fool's prank Gavin and Katie pulled at the office that everyone got angry at them for doing:

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about their April Fool's jokes backfiring:

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04/02/2014 6:08AM
WUC April Fool's Pranks
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04/02/2014 6:35AM
Its really unexpected
04/02/2014 6:36AM
I think you work a bunch of UPTIGHT people who need to get laid or something!
04/02/2014 6:45AM
Both funny...Jason's face says April fools and the sink just funny
04/02/2014 7:04AM
I think this is hilarious! Don't any of the people who work there listen to your show and how often Gavin complains about the thrown away bowl thing? Sheesh! Great job...and executed perfectly!!!
04/02/2014 7:25AM
I wish I would've thought of it!
Jason's funny, but weak. Dishes in the sink is classic!!! I wish I would've thought of it!
04/02/2014 7:59AM
They're mad because of that????!
Haha it's not even that bad??? Take a joke old folks!
04/02/2014 8:00AM
Great job.
Jason as your wife did not get upset who cares. Funny. And Gavin and katie. I love it
04/02/2014 8:01AM
Hahaha thats funny the mugs in the sink and this is just hillarious
04/02/2014 8:02AM
Find new tricks this is a old trick in the book You can check out the door then I'll text when I'm leaving work on you two grandmas the same "
04/02/2014 8:02AM
The mug joke was funny. Middle finger, not so funny.
04/02/2014 8:02AM
Love it
It's just a joke! The people in your office should know your personalities by now and find it funny! I did!
04/02/2014 8:03AM
For next year you should tie a rubber band on the sprayer. With the dishes they might get really mad then. ;}
04/02/2014 8:04AM
I think it was Hella funny nice job!
04/02/2014 8:05AM
Love it. Dishes in the sink. Do that to my boys when they come and stay with me. Boy they get pissed. Lol
04/02/2014 8:05AM
Perfect office prank
We have people in our office who freak out if there are dirty dishes in the sink so I would have loved to pull that prank here sadly I didn't. Good job guys!!
04/02/2014 8:08AM
Get a sense of humor
Lol...people need to relax and enjoy life more. Being uptight sucks. :-p
04/02/2014 8:10AM
I would have thought Gavin would have came up with something better!
04/02/2014 8:10AM
04/02/2014 8:15AM
There is always a little truth behind every "just kidding" Jason's is not funny. I'd be pissed if I were his wife. Katie and Gavin, yours was awesome!
04/02/2014 8:44AM
Not to be a hater
But that wasn't very clever, seems like u didn't put any effort into it By the way that fake rose O gram was awesome nothing says good morning like the loss of trust in a relationship
04/02/2014 10:02AM
It was April Fool's Day~Come on!
It's about intent, Jason's, Katie's & Gavin's intentions were not bad, they like to make people laugh~so laugh! People are WAY to sensitive these days, we need to lighten up!
04/02/2014 5:27PM
Man people need to lighten up
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