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April Fool's Prank on the WUC

Someone pulled an April Fool's prank on the Wake Up Call. We don't know who did it (we suspect Ashley Nickels!), but someone put little cups of water all over our office, hid Gavin's computer moniter, and turned on a loop of the Mission Impossible theme! Check out videos of the prank below:



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04/01/2014 7:13AM
April Fool's Prank on the WUC
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04/02/2014 8:38AM
My family pranks are bad
One year my sister thought she was cool called me up early in the morning woke me up crying hysterically. Confused I cry what is it. She says it's dad it's dad. . What the heck happened !' I say.. She went on to tell a grafic story how my dad had some freak accident involving his bulldozer and was dead.. I by then am crying freaking out trying to get out of bed and then I hear wait there's more . What!?!' I say she screams April fools!!' Haaaaaa I could have killed her.. I did get her back took me a few years her baby was about 12 weeks old I was holding her I said oh I have to get something I bought for her downstairs our stairs are pretty steep and tall goes to a extra apt. So I had the baby in my arms at the top had the door semi closed so no one could see me and kicked a small bin down them I screamed oh god NOOO help!' So it really seemed like I dropped the baby down the stairs. I heard my sister cry out come running and my gramma and dad.. As my sister gets to the door I have the baby and yell April fools sucker!!! She's crying and says I hate you., my dad said I was sick and my gramma just shook her head in shame with her hand over her heart.. I thought it was pretty funny.. Cause my sister did terrible pranks for so long .. Revenge sometimes it ain't right but it can be fun..
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