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Behind the Jokes

Whats up ya'll its Intern Tori!

Just wanted to share with you a little behind-the-scenes fact about my jokes... YES I KNOW THEY'RE BAD!I was never meant to be a joke writer, but I definitely do have fun with it.

"Jokes With Intern Tori" is like my own special little break each week, and I get to do ALL the preparation for it (minus Gavin choosing which jokes are the worst). I actually have a lot of fun with it too!

The process isn't hard - first I start out by looking up articles that are just downright absurd and determine if they have any material or concepts that I can poke fun at. This can actually be kind of frustrating when I can't find anything good! Next, I sit down and write at least two punchlines for each article. I usually ende up with 5 or more articles so Gavin has a selection to choose from! Then I either email them to him or I bring them to him during the week, he chooses which ones he wants to make fun of, and POOF! "Jokes With Intern Tori" is born.

The awesome thing is that this wasn't meant to be a regular break, but they liked it enough that they asked me to keep doing it! How cool is that right?!
And YES, I DO see your texts about them... Lovin' the positive feedback and the text with constructive criticism! Anything helps!

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11/08/2012 7:01AM
Behind the Jokes
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