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Big Brother: Rachel, she's no Jordan, plus a look at the houseguests!

I feel kind of sorry for my friend Jeff.  In the mid 90’s Jeff was my intern when I hosted a nighttime radio show.  Jeff moved to Hollywood to become a comedy writer and get into the entertainment industry. You won’t know his name, but Jeff has worked behind the scenes on some classic reality shows like the Osbournes and the Newelyweds. He is currently working behind the scenes on Big Brother 12. Jeff doesn’t share any sort of inside information with me.  The closest I have gotten to inside information is that he works incredibly long hours!  Two weeks ago, Jeff posted a status update on Facebook saying that he had worked a 17-hour day. Jeff’s job, from what I understand, is to take all of the footage that is shot in the Big Brother house (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and edit it together into a story that makes sense.  Like all reality shows, I’m sure he has to put the show together in way that makes some characters look like heroes and others like villains. Why do I feel bad for Jeff?  The houseguests this season, are a very difficult bunch to make look good.  Again, I don’t have any sort of inside information, but it appears that the goal “behind the scenes” is to make Brendan and Rachel the “good guys”. In my opinion, it’s not working! Rachel is one of the most annoying Big Brother houseguests ever!  The more she wins, the more unlikable she becomes.  I can’t be the only one who is hating her more and more as every day goes on.  In fact, it feels like the Big Brother producers are trying to make Brendan and Rachel into this season’s Jeff and Jordan. Once again, it’s just my opinion, but it’s not working! In fact, while Jeff and Jordan spiked the ratings upwards last year, it wouldn’t shock me to see Rachel cause the ratings to go the other way.  She is just an irritating personality that isn’t fun to watch.  Again, I ask, am I alone? How is somebody so horribly annoying getting the spotlight?  It’s simple!  She’s the best of the obnoxious and boring this season.  If Rachel left today, who would we be left with?  Let’s look at the rest of the female houseguests: Kristen: I liked her better when she wasn’t talking.  The second she stared to speak up, she shot herself in the foot and is the frontrunner to go home this week. Brittney: We saw her annoying side early this season.  While she is coming across nicer as of late, I will always remember her as one of the two “eye rollin’ bitches”. Kathy:  Finally, someone who isn’t obnoxious!  That is a HUGE plus in my opinion,  Kathy’s problem?  She’s boring!!  If there is a woman in the Big Brother house this season that might grow on me, it’s Kathy.  She needs more screen time. While I’m analyzing the houseguests, I might as well touch on the men: Hayden:  Small mouth aside, he had a great thing going until he let his fling with Kristen get in the way of his game.  He’s a lucky man if he gets past this week.  He’s a strong player.  If the house were smart, he’d get the boot! Lane:  Lane is this season’s Jordan!  He’s kind of doe eyed to the world!  He’s learning that there is more to life than just Texas.  His reactions are real and his personality is unique and entertaining. Enzo: I really like Enzo.  He’s got street smarts.  Sadly, street smarts don’t help you in the Big Brother house.  If anybody is going to get blindsided by friends this season, it’s going to be Enzo.  Meow Meow. Matt: I hope this self-proclaimed genius/puppet master goes home.  Did I really see him in the diary room talking about frustrated he is that the house couldn’t break up Brendan and Rachel?  You idiot.  You could have broken them up.  It was a 100% lock that if the house wanted one of them gone, you could have broken them up, but you BLEW IT! Regan: I wish Regan got more screen time.  Every season, Big Brother casts a gay guy.  Every season, the gay guy has an awesome perspective on the house.  Regan is no exception, but he hardly gets screen time!!  This guy is funny.  Put Regan on TV more! Brendan: This guy’s game will get much better the day Rachel gets the boot.  Rachel’s latest actions have put a huge target on her back and Brendan should be able to benefit from her stupidity!  Then again, he seems like an airhead.  Maybe the two were meant to be together. There is my take on the house.  I think Kristen is going home this week.  I won’t miss her and her high pants and crappy attitude.  Next week, I hope the house goes after Rachel.  Then, I would go after Matt. Samuel posted a comment and asked me why I didn’t bring up Pandora’s Box in my last blog.  I don’t have all that many thoughts on Pandora’s Box.  We don’t know the details yet.  What we know is that, after America’s vote, one houseguest is going to be offered the opportunity to become the new saboteur for the next two weeks. The original plan for the saboteur was to play for five weeks and leave the house.  If the two-week saboteur offer comes with the catch that the player needs to leave the house at the end of the two weeks, who would be dumb enough to take the offer?  There are too many unknowns, at this time, for me to comment . As always, post your comments here, or at www.Facebook.com/RadioWakeUpCall

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08/02/2010 7:04AM
Big Brother: Rachel, she's no Jordan, plus a look at the houseguests!
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08/02/2010 10:26AM
this is gay stop big brother!!!!!
08/02/2010 2:47PM
I LOVED last nights episode!!!! Finally there's drama brewing in the BB house! First off. Good for Andrew for airing the dirty laundry because now there is a target on almost everyones backs! Rachel never ceases to amaze me! I know you don't like her Jason..You think shes annoying and stupid. W/E SHE IS FREAKING AWESOME. Yes she can be a bit annoying at times..but shes a fighter! She fights every week for her life in the BB house and this week she did it again. You said Branden needs to dump her for her game..I say she needs to dump Branden to win the game...but if you think about it..if they get split up...they are all alone! The two of them need to win HOH back to back of each other for them to stay secure in the game. I wish I could comment on the POV comp but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. The game has finally gotten started and I cant wait to see what happens on Wednesday nights episode!
08/05/2010 8:06AM
You couldn't be more right about Rachel. She is without a doubt the most annoying & hate worthy houseguest ever. I end up missing episodes because I turn it when she's been on more than 30 seconds. I had talked a couple friends into watching BB for the first time (both enjoy other reality programming) & both hate her so much they stopped watching & think that BB sucks because of her. BB after dark is absolutely dreadful as well with the programmers shoving her horribleness down our throats in an attempt to make us like them (Jeff & Jordan they are NOT!). I actually feel incredibly sorry for Brendon who seems to be a genuine & nice guy, who unfortunately hasn't a clue about the skank he's dealing with. BB, please leave more of Rachel on the editing room floor... she's awful & costing you viewers.
08/10/2010 1:48PM
Interesting point!:D new season burn notice
10/27/2010 4:25PM
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