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Big Brother: Super Genius? Nope! Matt's a super idiot!

Big Brother has had some memorable players in past seasons.  Mark my words.  Matt is not going to go down as a memorable player. This week, Matt had a “genius plan”.  Sorry genius, but you are an idiot.  If you want one of two people out of the game, you need to nominate both people. Let’s rewind a bit.  If Matt had nominated Brendan and Rachel, one of them was going home.  Even if Brendan won the POV, he would remove himself from the block.  Kathy or Andrew would have gone up in his place and Rachel would have gone home.  Done deal. There is nothing genius about what Matt did this week.  It’s so frustrating to watch the “Brigade” follow Matt’s lead.  Matt said “we just need somebody to throw us a bone”.   To quote my wife, “somebody did throw you a bone.  You won HOH and you screwed it up”.  I just hope that the subtle questioning of Matt’s “genius” leads to a split in the “Brigade”. Am I alone when I say that we are three weeks into the game, and I still don’t have a strong favorite in the house?  If I had to pick somebody as my favorite, I’d go with Andrew.  He seems like such a nice guy. With that said, nice doesn’t mean strategic.  Andrew’s “big move” at the end of the game appears to have put him in the line of fire for eviction this week.  He went from being the pawn, to the target in less than a minute.  I really hope he doesn’t go home this week, but he’s going to have to make some big time moves behind the scenes in order to stay. Here is what I would do if I were Andrew.  I would try my best to throw Matt under the bus to Lane and Hayden.  If Andrew can convince Lane and Hayden that Matt is a weak link, it’s possible that they might want to keep Andrew around as a strategic partner. If Andrew wins over Lane and Hayden, it’s possible that they may consider splitting from the “Brigade” and throwing Matt out on his “genius” ass next week.  If Andrew can convince Hayden, he’ll also get Kristen’s vote.  If he gets Lane, he’ll get Brittney’s vote because those two are house buddies.  If Andrew can get those votes, Kathy is gone. I really don’t think that anybody else is worth swaying.  I don’t think Regan is going to vote to keep Andrew.  I don’t think Brittney or Kristen can be won over.  I truly believe that the impending implosion of the “Brigade” is the only way that Andrew stays in the house. One thing to consider is that this is Big Brother.  Strategy aside, Andrew might simply get lucky.  The houseguests might realize that without him in the house there will be nobody to do the laundry and the dishes. Hell, I’d keep Andrew in the game till the end!  By the way, isn’t it time that Big Brother installed a dishwasher?? Tomorrow night’s eviction should be interesting.  I really hope Andrew can stay.  I really would love to see Andrew take out Matt next week. Till next time….Thanks for reading my Big Brother Blog!

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07/28/2010 5:35PM
Big Brother: Super Genius? Nope! Matt's a super idiot!
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