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Big Brother 12 Episode 2 (lack of) Blog

Last night, the plan was to sit down and watch episode 2 of Big Brother 12.  Then….life threw me a curveball.  Here are the details of my Sunday night and a quick recap of Big Brother from last night. It was a few minutes before 8pm.  My wife and I were about to sit down to watch Big Brother 12 off of the DVR.  Then Maizee, our 9-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, went outside to go pee.  When she did, there was a little bit of blood in her urine. 30 minutes later, we were sitting in the waiting room at the pet emergency room.  After waiting for over an hour, the vet came into see us.  Luckily Maizee wasn’t showing any symptoms at all of kidney problems.  They still wanted to run her through a ton of tests including a test where she’d be knocked out so that they could look up her little girl dog who-ha! We asked “will she make it through the night”?  The vet said yes.  We took her home. By this time, it was after 10pm and I was really tired and went to bed. This morning, my wife took Maizee to the vet.  As of a few minutes ago, we found out that lil Maizee has a bladder infection.  She’s going to be just fine.  Our vet has no future plans to drug our dog so she can look up her who-ha!  I’m not sure how Maizee feels about that, but I am most certainly relieved!  She’s only 11lbs!  Her who-ha is smaller than the size of a dime!! Back to Big Brother.  When we went to watch the show.  The DVR screwed up the recording and I wasn’t able to watch the whole show.  I saw a few minutes of the show, but it was the first Big Brother episode that I have missed in years! I know that Brendon and Rachel were nominated for eviction.  Without seeing the show, I don’t know what was said at the nomination ceremony.  I also don’t know if they showed Brendon and Rachel hooking up!  Did they show the women in the house getting grossed out by Brendon because of his masturbation habits???  All I have to say is…”thank god for Big Brother After Dark”!  Without BBAD, I wouldn’t have all these juicy details. Maybe juicy is the wrong word to use. Big Brother Updates and blogs…..return after the next show!!  FYI: I usually have more to say on eviction nights.


07/12/2010 3:12PM
Big Brother 12 Episode 2 (lack of) Blog
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07/12/2010 6:34PM
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