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Big Brother Blog---Bye Bye Saboteur!

Tonight, on Big Brother it was revealed that Annie was the mysterious saboteur that was wreaking havoc on the Big Brother houseguests.  Then, Annie was voted out of the house.  Awesome. It seems that every year a twist is thrown into the game and every year, the twist is a letdown.  This year, the saboteur concept was cool, but flawed from the start.   Why?  The plan all along was to reveal the identity of the saboteur on the show’s third episode.  Why is that a problem?  Let me explain. My wife, Marisa, is a huge fan of mysteries.  She spent a good part of the last week trying to figure out the identity of the saboteur.  My wife wasn’t alone.  My brother, Katie, a handful of interns, some of my former co-workers, and friends were all speculating on the saboteur’s identity. Kudos to my wife for correctly guessing that Annie was the saboteur.  How did she figure it out?  She noticed something after the food storage room was padlocked.  She analyzed the room and while Brendon and Andrew were singled out for not being on the couch, Annie was quietly sitting on the floor.  Not only was she sitting on the floor, but she was also wearing a sweatshirt with pockets.  Yes, a sweatshirt with pockets that could have easily concealed a padlock.  My wife is good. Where do we stand now?  One week in, and the most talked about Big Brother twist in a long time, is over.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that I personally think that Big Brother is at its best when there aren’t any twists.  All you need to do to make Big Brother great is to put a dozen people into a house and cut them off from the world.  You don’t need anything else!  Isolation, boredom, and personality differences will always cause drama.  Throw $500,000 into the mix and the fun gets cranked up. Here is my take on the vote.  Annie going home was the right move for the house.  She made a very valid argument for staying, but in the end, she had to go.  Sure, Rachel and Brendon are in a “showmance”, but everyone knows they are together.  It’s not a secret therefore it doesn’t pose a threat.  Not to mention that they have developed a close bond after only 13 days!  Just imagine the emotional impact it will have on them when they get split up after 30 days! After the vote, I looked at my wife and said that “it sucks to be Brendon” because everybody now thinks he’s the saboteur.  I thought that his days were numbered.  My wife said to me “not if Rachel wins HOH”. Marisa is good, huh? Your new HOH is Rachel.  Who do you think she should put up this week?  I’d personally like to see Lane and Hayden.  I’m pretty sure that we’ll see Hayden go up as a way of getting back at him for this past week’s nomination.  The second nomination?  I’ll go with Lane only because he’s too good looking and frankly, the way my wife watches Big Brother, I don’t need any more competition in the Big Brother house, or my own! Will Lane go up?  I doubt it.  My real picks for nominations?  Hayden and Andrew. Let’s see if I’m right!  I have a weird feeling that I will be wrong!  This is the Big Brother house after all! Who do you think will be nominated?  E-mail me Jason@endonline.com or post a comment here on the blog!

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07/15/2010 6:03PM
Big Brother Blog---Bye Bye Saboteur!
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