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Big Brother Blog---Episode 3 (how long do I need to count episodes?)

Last night on Big Brother we had our first Power of Veto competition.  Brendon and Rachel (the couple with “chemistry) were on the block.  Brendon won the POV competition and removed himself from the block.  Annie was put up in his place. My wife is convinced that Annie is the saboteur.  I still have my eyes on Andrew.  How will the vote play out?  They always say that anything is possible, but I would be shocked if Annie was still in the Big Brother house after tonight’s show! Annie is the type of Big Brother player that usually lays low in the game and gets by week after week, by quietly manipulating other houseguests.  In Big Brother history, this type of player typically gets very far in the game and by the time the other houseguests realize the danger, it is too late.  I say kick Annie to the curb this week, or watch out, because she’ll take herself to the late stages of the game. Now, here are a few questions for you guys to ponder: Is it possible for Rachel to have a more annoying laugh? Should somebody tell Lane that mayo isn’t dairy? Does Hayden have a very large sweatshirt, or a very small head? What’s with the meow thing Enzo? Even though he’s a doctor, would you let Andrew touch your feet? Am I the only one who finds that girl from Philadelphia unbelievably forgettable? Isn’t it refreshing that Monet wasn’t cast on the show because she fit an African American stereotype? Do you wish they wouldn’t tell us who the saboteur was? If you want to answer any of my questions or make a comment, either post something here, or e-mail me directly!  Jason@endonline.com

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07/15/2010 4:25AM
Big Brother Blog---Episode 3 (how long do I need to count episodes?)
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07/15/2010 12:30PM
I am completely convinced that the saboteur is Monet. She has laid very low and has not really done too many confessionals especially ones pertaining to the saboteur. I mostly just posted this here before hand so that no one could say that I am liar whenI say "I TOLD YOU SO. IT WAS MONET" I cannot wait to be proven right tonight.
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