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Big Brother-Interview w/Ronnie

I had a chance to talk to Ronnie from Big Brother!  Check out this interview and then comment!

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08/12/2009 7:39AM
Big Brother-Interview w/Ronnie
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08/12/2009 8:40AM
worst interview ever. no tough questions, no calling him out. loser. lame.you suck.
08/12/2009 9:29AM
What question would you have wanted me to ask? There are plenty of mean things I could have said to Ronnie. My goal was to get into his head and see if the evil Ronnie we saw on the show was the same guy in real life. Yes, I could have given him crap for being a jerk on the show. I personally don't like to yell at people, nor do I like to be confrontational simply for the sake of confrontation.
08/12/2009 10:41AM
I thought you did a good job of interviewing him. I think it's interesting that he has changed his answers a few times since leaving the show (Chima will win, now it's Jeff-hmmmm). In addition, I watched the live feeds and updates, and it was Ronnie that was harassing Michelle b/c she refused to give him her vote. He out right lied about why he was angry with her. I think being the worst BB villain in history is a compliment. He attacked people on personal affairs (Casey & Michelle), made fun of them, played mean pranks on them (turning on the lights and disrupting Michelle's sleep). To me and many other fans he was just a bad human being. He is so quick to point fingers at others, but has shown no remorse or accountability for his own actions. I don't believe him nor will I at the finale. He does owe Michelle and Casey an apology, and America as well for the simple fact that we had to endure him for four long weeks.
08/13/2009 4:58PM
shakira ;)
I have many thoughts to throw out there after watching/listening to this interview... First: Since when does he want Jeff to win? Second: Duuuude, Ronnies a bitch. Third: I love the shape of your head ;) I want to pet it...
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