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Big Brother Video Blog 1

I decided to start a Big Brother Blog.  I'm a huge Big Brother fan and with the show starting again, I am super excited.  I meet a lot of people who have never watched Big Brother or have watched and don't understand the show.  If you have never seen Big Brother, or you have seen it and just don't get it, this blog is just for you.  In this blog, I explain how the show works.  It's my first ever attempt at a video blog.  Please go easy on me!

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07/08/2009 4:38PM
Big Brother Video Blog 1
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07/08/2009 6:47PM
I too love big brother. Have been watching for many seasons. There isn't much on during the summer for those of us who don't have cable or dish or whatever, so I look forward to this ridiculous distraction. Looking forward to your blogs.
07/08/2009 7:38PM
great job describing for new comers to the show.......but I am afraid there are only a few people watching.......
07/08/2009 7:50PM
Radio is awful...How do you have a job???
07/09/2009 1:50AM
Eric: How do I have a job? In these tough economic times, I get that question frequently. The short version is that I got a phone call one day asking if I'd like to move to Sacramento with my show. We all agreed that it was a good move. We took the job. There is more to the story. Let me know if you want to hear more. If you were saying that I suck....and were questioning how I still have a job in radio, your guess is as good as mine. If any listeners want to answer the question..."how does Jason still have a job?" Please feel free to answer Eric's question. Jason
07/09/2009 3:52AM
Nice telescope.
07/09/2009 12:46PM
Just watched your video blog and you described Big Brother to a "TEE". I got hooked to the show on it's second season. You either love it or hate it,and I love it. I have waited for tonight and thank God it's finally here! Let's hope this season is fullof D-R-A-M-A! Baby! P.S- This guy Eric sounds like a total Jack-Hole. I listen everyday and adore all of you and hope you plan on staying in "radio" as well as staying in the city of Sac!
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