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Big Brother Video Blog 4 (While Shaving)

Here is Big Brother Video Blog 4.  I had two things to do tonight before bed.  Do my Big Brother Video Blog and shave.  I always have people making fun of my horrible facial hair.  A Big Brother fan wrote me an e-mail talking about my lame attempt at a beard.  I figured I could shave while doing my Big Brother video blog. Also, before you watch, I want to apologize.  Maybe the shaving threw me off, but I mistakenly put Michelle (the neuroscientist) in with the off beat group.  I meant to say Lydia a few times and accidentally said Michelle.  Sorry!! Here it is, Big Brother Video Blog 4!  (While Shaving)

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07/14/2009 6:42PM
Big Brother Video Blog 4 (While Shaving)
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07/15/2009 6:07AM
great blog Jason! And I agree that it's going to backfire and Chima will go home!!
07/15/2009 6:17PM
Julie Luna
Jason another great update. Tell people if they don't like what you are doing during your blog then don't watch. Have people not realize that with you to expect the unexpected????
07/16/2009 1:49AM
Hey Jason. Is there much of a downside to going against your own clique like Jeff did? I mean as the rules stand now none of them can nominate him anyway. And like you said why would you want to vote out someone in your clique because is reduces your chances of immunity for the week.
07/16/2009 3:13AM
Mike Fagan!! (former co-worker of ours and a real cool guy who we all miss)... Yeah, there is a downside to going against your clique. If you are a brain and vote out Chima tonight, or a popular person and vote out Braden, you are casting a vote that gives you less of a chance to win the HOH for the next week. Jeff didn't really go against his clique because they aren't up for a vote, but he has alienated himself from the rest of the group. With these new rules, each clique, in theory, has built in alliances they can count on. As the other cliques start to get voted out, Jeff will easily become expendable before anybody else. I'm not a huge fan of these new rules because it gets rid of a lot of the unpredictability that comes with Big Brother. This week, FOUR people were safe. Had that rule not been in place, Jeff would have gone up instead of Braden. I'll change what I said in the latest video. Braden apparently had some sort of racial blow up directed at Lydia and as of last night, he may go home in a unanimous vote.
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