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Big Brother Video Blog 5 (with dog toys)

The first live eviction is over and I am back with my thoughts about the latest episode of Big Brother! This video focuses on the Braden controversy on the house and the new head of household....Ronnie.

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07/16/2009 6:04PM
Big Brother Video Blog 5 (with dog toys)
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07/16/2009 6:08PM
Hey, if you watch this...please comment. I had a few comments on the last video and this area of the blog page is a cool place to share Big Brother thoughts and house strategy! Jason
07/16/2009 6:58PM
Oh mann I LOVE your thinking... Ronnie is just DUMB. I cant wait to see him go home. I'd hate to see Jeff and Jordan go up... so far they are two of my favorites. Why is BB so addicting?
07/17/2009 12:34AM
Why is Big Brother so addicting? Maybe I'm wrong Kristy, but I think it's because you can't get enough of Ronnie.
07/20/2009 6:18PM
Jason.. SHHHH I dont want anyone to know my dirty lil secret.
08/10/2009 9:32AM
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