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Big Brother Video Blog 8

On the night that Laura was evicted from the Big Brother house, I give you my thoughts on where this season may be headed. Here is a hint...it's not good. Also, I have some simple advice for the people behind the scenes at Big Brother, and a prediction for next week's nominations. As always, please leave your comments and follow me on Twitter @JasonWakeUpCall


07/23/2009 4:50PM
Big Brother Video Blog 8
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07/23/2009 5:23PM
Dear Sir, Thank you for your nice commentary, but I do not agree with your analysis. You seem to assume that those clicks influence gameplay at the moment a lot, but that is just not true. Until now there were two alliances. One alliance containing members from three different clicks, the other containing members from four different clicks. There has already been a lot of tension between Jeff and Russell, between Russell and Jessie, between Michele and Chima and between Casey and Lydia. The only click that acted more or less together were the populars, who now are reduced to just one weak (though sympathetic) player, in love with an athlete. I expect Jeff, Lydia or Ronnie to win. Kind regards, S.Kroeze
07/24/2009 12:14AM
The cliques do influence game play. While the cliques aren't always working together, the cliques are tied together by the rule "if someone in your clique is HOH, your entire clique is safe." Would the game have been different during week one if Jessie had the opportunity to put up Russell? Ronnie and Michelle don't get along at all, but Ronnie had to keep her by his side. I don't mind the cliques, but I think they should have been used more for food and luxury competitions, sleeping arrangements, etc. When you make a rule that says "one wins, you are all safe", it changes how the game is played. Jason
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