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Finally we have some life in the Big Brother house!  Sure, it was the (ever so lame) house meeting that brought tensions out, but I have been dying to see some of this season’s houseguests throw down.  In the end, the fight was fairly meaningless….or was it? Matt made a deal to go up as a pawn. Regan was there to witness this deal take place.  Matt got caught, but denied everything.  Regan knows the truth.  Things are about to get interesting!! At the 45 minute point of tonight’s episode, Monet was sent packing.  If I can be selfish for a minute, I have to admit that I am super happy that Monet is gone.  Forget that I have referred to her as one of the “eye rollin’ bitches”.  Forget that she’s been very nasty to other houseguests.  I’m happy to see her go, because every time I type her, I type Money.  I am always hitting backspace and changing out the y for a t.  My typo problem is more annoying than Monet ever was.  Yes, I just typed Money in that previous sentence.  No joke. You may wonder how Brittney stays so thin.  It’s obvious.  She cries off the pounds. Melinda wrote me an e-mail and told me to stop proclaiming to be a Big Brother know it all.  I never claim to be a Big Brother know-it-all.  I’m just a fan.  So Melinda, that’s a very nice high horse.  Can you please get down off of it?  Thanks. Congratulations Kristen!  You did something in the Big Brother house!  All together now, “YIPPEE”!!!!  I was happy to see that Kristen stirred the pot and stood up for herself.  Also, in other breaking Kristen news, Hayden still thinks she’s hot.  The two were seen making out in bed while Andrew pretended to sleep.  Oh yeah, my Big Brother spy tells me….Kristen has a boyfriend at home in Philly! The show ended with a surfboard endurance Head of Household competition that looked absolutely horrible.  Balance+cold water+wind+exhaustion=suck If you want to know the winner of tonight’s Head of Household competition, I know what happened!  I will put the winner of the HOH competition down a bit on this page.   You won’t see it, UNLESS you page down a bit.  Ok? Thanks for reading!  As always, feel free to comment and leave questions!  You can also leave comments/questions at www.facebook.com/radiowakeupcall or e-mail me:  Jason@endonline.com (spoilers below) ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- A  little lower.  I don’t want anybody to accidentally see this. ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- Just a little more…… ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- Ok, the winner of the surfboard HOH comp is…….. ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- Matt.  Yup from the block to the HOH room.  He may have cut some sort of deal with Regan, but I’m not 100% sure on that!

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07/22/2010 6:10PM
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