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Big Brother is watching!!

I talked about this yesterday on the radio and it's a little freaky! By the end of this year, malls in big cities around the country will have video advertising screens that check you out as you're walking by. It will determine your age, gender, and even ethnicity, and then pick certain advertisements targeted specifically at you! Whoa! Very sci-fi sounding, but coming soon to a mall near you (will probably hit San Francisco way before Sac I would imagine). So if I were to walk by the screen, it might show me an ad for a new line of razors, or sports apparel. If you're, say, a 24-year old female, it may show you an ad for cosmetics or maybe shoes. What do you think? Brilliant idea? Or a little too spooky? The computer is supposedly accurate at reading gender 85-90% of the time. Like I said, that's not too shabby, considering I can't even tell 10-15% of the time!! :)


02/04/2009 4:27PM
Big Brother is watching!!
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02/16/2009 1:49PM
I think this is insane. I would love to only see adds that apply to me. Its conveinent, futuristic and fun.
02/17/2009 4:07PM
Even though it is kind of cool and jetsons like, Its just one end of the spectrum, the govt is listening and watching way too much these days. Soon we will be walking around with microchips identifying us!
03/18/2009 1:39PM
dude i think thats totally stupid that would be really stupid to see ur self and that would be really if ur boyfriend saw it that would be really embarrasing and i love the mall so that makes me not want to go to the anymore
03/18/2009 1:41PM
dude i think thats totally weird to see ur self that kinda freakes me out
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