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Big Brother made me scream last night!

Big Brother finally has me sucked in this season.  Before I explain how and what got my full attention, I need to rant a little bit.  While I am still a huge Big Brother fan, the show has been far from perfect so far, in comparison to past seasons. I still think that the casting this season sucks.  The best example is Kristen.  If you are asking yourself “who”, that’s ok because in two weeks, Kristen has gotten about 2 minutes of screen time.  There is a lot of talk of “floaters” in the Big Brother house.  Kristen may actually be the first Big Brother house guest to be a floater in both the Big Brother house, and on our television screens. Meow Meow. Has anybody seen Kathy?  She must be hiding with Kristen. Did Regan join the Brigade (stupid name for an alliance btw)?   Oh wait, The Brigade is Lane, Hayden, Matt, and Enzo.  Regan can’t join the Brigade because he’s gay.  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell still applies in the Big Brother house. Matt came up with an awesome strategy, right?  Give your wife an illness that involves the legs and feet because there is NO CHANCE that a PODIATRIST will be a follow houseguest!  I have to be honest, I am curious to see if that lie gets out to the other houseguests and how it Andrew spills the secret without coming across like a liar himself. Ok, back to last night’s show.  I actually yelled out “NOOOOOOOOOO”.   Do you know when?  If you guessed that I yelled out “NOOOOOOOOO” when Rachel appeared to be ready to put Andrew on the block even though Matt offered himself up as a pawn, you would be correct! You never vote out somebody, this early in the Big Brother game, who obviously doesn’t like you because you think they have changed.  Get them out when you have the chance!  When you wait on eliminating your enemies, you live to regret it in the Big Brother house. There is something about Andrew that I like.  I feel like he has a chance to be a big player in the game if he gets deeper into the game.  If he can make it past the next two weeks, I think he will team up with one of the existing groups and make a run at winning the game.  I’m really glad that Rachel decided to take Matt up on his offer. Who is going to go home this week?  I think Monet is done. It takes five votes to get evicted tonight.  Matt already has the Brigade votes.  Lane, Hayden, and Enzo will vote for him.  Rachel and Brendan will stick together, putting Brendan’s vote against Monet.  For you Big Brother newbies, Rachel doesn’t vote because she is the Head Of Household. Using my predictions, Monet already has 4 votes against her tonight.  Andrew was saved by Rachel.  One would think that he’d vote the way she asked him to vote out of loyalty.  If Andrew decides to vote out Matt, you’d think somebody else in the house would vote out Monet.  It seems like Monet and Brittney have spent a lot of time being “eye rollin bitches”.  Nobody likes “eye rollin bitches”. Prediction, Monet goes home.  As of now, the only vote I see Monet receiving is Brittney’s vote.  If the house is going to vote out Monet, it’s quite possible that Brittney votes out her friend so as not to stand out.  If the house is planning another unanimous vote, this would be a great week for somebody to throw in that “who was that vote” to make the houseguests question each other. Thanks for reading this blog!  Join the Wake Up Call on Facebook.   www.facebook.com/radiowakeupcall


07/22/2010 6:15AM
Big Brother made me scream last night!
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07/22/2010 6:58AM
I think the secret relationship in the house is Brendan & Andrew. Something there. Maybe brothers or cousins. Something. That’s why he got so excited when Rachel won HOH because he knew his (?) would keep him safe. I agree the eye rolling bitches got to go. Shallow big time. They talk about Rachel jealous I think they are jealous, Rachel gets all the attention. Boobs may be fake but the guys still love them.
07/22/2010 8:02AM
Well I think Kathy & Britney are mother & daughter. if they sit next to each other they look a lot alike & they are both from Ak. I also think there was a connection between Brendan & Rachel before the show. How could anyone get so closeto someone in a few days of just meeting? That is a little suspicious to me too.
07/23/2010 6:42AM
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