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The challenge: Help us prove (to Gavin and others who share his point of view) that there is more GOOD in the world than people actually see!
Jason, Katie, and Tall Skinny Matt came up with the idea of the "107.9 Awesome Acts"! If you do or have done anything that contributes to the world in a positive way...let us know!

Post a comment about your awesome act, then SHARE this photo with your friends, so they can do the same! *You can share your awesome act on the Wake Up Call Interns and 107.9 The End facebook walls or via Twitter and Instagram... just tag #1079AwesomeActs!


04/17/2013 7:21AM
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04/17/2013 11:31AM
I never participate in things like this but I wanted to share.... I have read an amazing book that can help Gavin. It is called "People Cant Drive You Crazy If You Don't Give Them The Keys." It's about changing ourselves and taking responsibility for our attitudes. I think the world is filled with amazing people and of those people are in my neighborhood. Not just one person but the entire neighborhood. We all look out for one another and help each other out. Today our neighbor offered to fix out drainage so that the concrete company can put in our concrete (he is out theres shoveling dirt for us)! WE ARE TRULY BLESSD. several weeks ago our other neighbor offered we take down thier/our mutual fence to give the pool company access to our back yard. Needless to say thier backyard is a mess and they have no fence to keep their dog in the yard but they have been supportive and involved in our new pool. These things happen on a daily basis in our neighborhood and I wanted Gavin to know that awesome people do exist but if we focus on the negative we will miss the awesome people. Have a great day.
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