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Christopher K's Blog

Britney's magical night at ARCO?

Britney and I from 2000! Aren't we cute?? Our girl Britney took over Sactown on Saturday night, performing in front of over 15,000 screaming fans at Arco, many of which paid well over $100 to be entertained by the Pop Princess.  So was it worth it?  The concert was certainly a spectacle.  Various circus-type acts preceded Britney to the stage doing lots of impressive things with hula hoops and large steel cubes, while others defied gravity with daring acrobatic leaps high above the stage.  Then after a creepy introduction sequence by Perez Hilton (why?), Britney was finally lowered down onto the three-ringed stage, and the roar inside Arco was deafening.  She lip-synched her way through "Circus" amidst lots of colorful dancers/performers bouncing around the stage, and the evening was off and running.  Everything was very theatrical and visually stimulating, and she looked amazing, but there was one thing missing.  Britney!  I know that sounds weird, but let me explain.  I've seen Britney three times before, and I always walked away saying what a great "entertainer" she was.  We all know she doesn't have the best voice in pop music, but her personality and charm on stage made up for what she lacked in vocal ability.  This time, there was no charm.  She didn't actually "sing" a note all night (even lip-synched the slow songs), and quite often didn't even bother moving her lips to at least make people think she was singing, as she was evidently more worried about getting her choreography right, which wasn't that difficult to begin with.  The first time Britney even said hi to us in the audience was about 30 minutes into the show, and then all she said was pretty much "Hey Sacramento, good to be here, I'm gonna slow it down now, yada yada yada..."  Maybe her mic time was purposely limited to avoid any famous Britney faux pas we're getting used to of late, but either way there was virtually no interaction with the crowd all night.  No chance for Brit's personality to shine through.  My favorite part of the show was the song where she and her helpers performed the "illusions."  Britney was sawn in half (and hysterically she continued "singing" even while she was in three pieces!!), she was made to disappear, and then was teleported to the other side of the stage all within a few magical minutes.  This was a very cool sequence.  Everything with visually impressive, but that was the problem.  The best parts of the show really had nothing to do with Britney.  The entire show played on Britney's image and persona (which she has worked hard to create), but it really could have been anyone going through the motions on stage.  There was no spontaneity, and not a whole lot of fun.  Despite this, I'm sure there will be people who claim this was the best concert they've ever been to, and I can see how they will say that based on what a grand production it was.  But for me, I missed the main thing I went there to see.  Britney!


04/13/2009 12:23PM
Britney's magical night at ARCO?
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04/13/2009 12:54PM
Hey Chris K! I agree with everything that you said... although I was too far away to even notice that her lips weren't moving haha. I saw the Onyx Hotel tour, and loved that show-- way more energy & personality from Brit. But I liked the overall production of this show better. All in all, it was an awesome and entertaining show, and great to see B.Spears back out there performing again.
04/13/2009 12:54PM
Courtney Vessey
You totally nailed it! Even the circus act could have been better, but brits lack of love to her fans showed big time under her big top! I've seen plenty of concerts and unfortunately this one will be easily forgettable.
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