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Gavin Grades The Movies


Going to see "Bruno" is a like going into battle; you're not all gonna be there when it's done.  There were several people who walked out of the screening I went too who just couldn't take anymore.  One of which was a father with his little kid.  Thank God they walked out early before things got worse.  The creators of "Borat," Sacha Baron Cohen and director Larry Charles, have teamed up again to make comedy gold.  Is it better than "Borat?"  No, but it's still an assault of comedy.  Borat was a loveable innocent character who didn't know any better and Bruno isn't.  Bruno is self-centered, shallow and knows exactly what he's doing.  That may turn even some "Borat" fans off, but not me.  What I loved about this movie the most was how you find yourself wanting to look away every time there's an edit.  My girlfriend Stacy said (more than once) "Gavin, I don't know if I can watch this."  The style of comedy that tests your limits for being offended and making you uncomfortable is one of my favorites...but it's not for everyone.  You need to keep in mind that this movie just snuck by with an "R" rating after being trimmed down from an "NC-17."  I'm honestly STILL shocked they showed what they did in some scenes.  Even though this movie is one of the funniest so far this year, it's far from perfect.  What I didn't enjoy about it was the story that they felt they needed to shoehorn in.  What makes these movies funny are the interactions with unsuspecting people, not the story line...which in "Bruno" takes center stage at times more than the commando comedy does.  I felt like, at the very least, he could've extended some of the interviews that remind us of the amazing HBO series "Da Ali G Show," which is where Borat and Bruno came from.  I mean, come on, the movie's only 83 minutes long!  The other complaint is the movie's staggering around it does at the end trying to come up with an ending.  From what I understand though, that's not entirely their fault since the ending had to be changed and diced up since some groups were really offended by some ways he wanted to mock California's denial of gay marriage.  Oh yeah, Bruno's gay.  I probably should've mentioned that.  You have to be comfortable enough to see that.  If you're one of those thick-neck, jock douchebags that screams and looks away when you see two men kiss in a movie, then go see "Ice Age 3."  But if you can handle "in-your-face crotch" gay jokes,  and find men making out and lots of floppy penis funny, your movie has arrived! Bruno (Rated R) Gavin Grade: A-


07/07/2009 6:04PM
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07/08/2009 2:12PM
omg i saw the movie last night with my husband and wow was i shocked i coulnt belive what i saw i would say if your a gay hater dont see this movie i thank what was even grosser was some man in the aduance saying wow o wow ya to the swainger part i thankhe liked that part the most. lol
07/09/2009 11:51AM
I can't wait to go see this! I tried to win tickets to the premiere but I suppose I'll just have to wait until tomorrow! :)
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