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Celeb Mash-Ups

With TSM out of town, our temporary producer Leah kept herself busy by making celebrity name mash-ups. Check out the list and listen to the Wake Up Call discuss it here... 1.       Olivia Newton John Travolta 2.       Snoop Dogs the Bounty Hunter 3.       Tracy Morgan Freeman 4.       Tim Allen Rickman 5.       Tom Arnold Schwarzenegger 6.       Halle Berry Manilow 7.       George Michael(s) Pitt 8.       Tim Robbin(s) Williams 9.       Lily Allen Tudyk 10.   Paul Simon Pegg 11.   Kevin James Franco 12.   Jay ZZ Top 13.   Liv Tyler Perry 14.    Daniel Day Lewis Black 15.   Daniel Craig Ferguson 16.   Clive Owen Wilson 17.   Samuel L Jackson Rathborne 18.   Sean William Scott Speedman 19.   Jason Patrick Swayze 20.   Patrick Stuart Townsend 21.   Winona Ryder Strong 22.   Meg Ryan Gosling 23.   Rachel Ray Romano 24.   Ray Charles Manson 25.   Terrance Howard the Duck Celeb Mash-Ups


06/21/2011 6:54AM
Celeb Mash-Ups
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