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Charlie Sheen will support "Two and a Half Men" crew

Charlie Sheen has told members of the "Two and a Half Men" crew that he will pay a portion of their salaries for the two weeks the show has been down—that is, if CBS and Warner Bros. agree to pay the remaining portion.


02/10/2011 7:09AM
Charlie Sheen will support "Two and a Half Men" crew
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02/13/2011 11:01PM
Text size Atlantas 1 Site for Events Entertainmentadvertisement The B Blog By By LINDA DEUTSCH AP Special Correspondent LOS ANGELES AP -- Charlie Sheens wife is recovering at a North Carolina wellness center after an infection that nearly took her life her lawyer said Wednesday. He denied Internet reports that she was in drug or alcohol rehab.Brooke Sheen was mentally and physically exhausted when she left the hospital and her mother arranged for her to go to a place that will help her recover Galanter said. 25 shes been assaulted by her husband and had a knife put to her throat decided to reconcile with her husband which the court prevented delayed having oral surgery because of a scheduled court hearing and then developed an infection that spread to her blood stream he said.
03/08/2011 2:31AM
I think Charlie Sheen is a very gifted actor and if you don't like what he is doing with his life then turn your head. He never left Two and a half men. He was told not to come back.Also the fact that he is willing to pay the crew out of his own pocket is awesome. I have never heard of another actor offering to do that. Two and a half men will not survive without him. I support Charlie Sheen
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