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This weekend my wife and I got a package from her Mom.  She sent us four bags of Middlesworth Barbecue chips.  They are available in Pennsylvania, but you can't find them here on the West coast.  As far as barbecue chips go, they are pretty damn good.  They have a bit of a kick to them, but not to the point where they burn your mouth like a jalapeno chip would burn. So we're watching tv and Maizee is sitting at my feet waiting for a chip.  She has allergies and can't eat beef, chicken, or pork.  That means most treats are out of the question for her.  For this reason, I often give her small pieces of snack foods.  Doritos are her favorite. I gave her a chip or two.  She munched them down quickly.  I have her a few more.   This was when Marisa told me to stop feeding her chips because the spicy ingredients would make her sick. I felt bad because Maizee just kept looking at me.  I'm a sucker for her puppy dog eyes.  I only gave her two or three more, but on my last "hand out", my wife caught me sneaking her a chip and yelled at me. Today, when I got home from work, Maizee didn't greet me at the door like she usually does.  My wife told me that I needed to apologize to Maizee.  Apparently, Maizee got up this morning and threw up.  Then she laid around all morning shivering.  She didn't eat any food and she didn't have any water. Yes, I made Maizee sick by slipping her the chips.  Between Maizee's sad "sick", puppy dog eyes, and Marisa telling me that it was my fault; I could feel more guilty. By around 6pm, Maizee was playing, eating, and drinking water again.  My guilt will last well past 6pm.  It's not that I want to feel guilty, it's more that my wife won't like me forget that this was all my fault.


04/06/2009 4:24PM
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