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Who you gonna call???

So here's an odd one for you.  Over the weekend,  Lady Gaga dropped $5,000 on a special high-tech ghostbusting machine.  Umm, what?  Where does one buy such a device?  Evidently Ms. Gaga believed evil spirits were haunting her, so she wanted to do a "spirit sweep" of one of the London venues before she performed there!  The owner of the ghostbusting firm, Dan Webb, told the Sunday Mirror, "Her aide said the gear had to be robust, as they were ­taking it on the road, so they must be doing this every­where Lady Gaga is performing.”  All I can say is wow. But wait, there's more confusing celebrity behavior!  Vanessa Hudgens apparently has also had some ghostly encounters lately. According to OK! Magazine, Hudgens is in fact so scared of said ghouls that she is leaving her $2.75 million dollar mansion and temporarily moving back in with her parents!  After hearing doors slamming and footsteps in an empty bedroom, Hudgens says she cannot spend another night in her house.  First of all Vanessa, perhaps a 6 bedroom, 6 1/2 bath house is not the smartest purchase for a single girl!  I don't care how much money you have.  And I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall hearing the conversation where she explained to her folks that she was moving back in with them because her house was haunted.  Good times!
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Hot new look for Summer! haha

I know all you ladies are always looking for the hot new look for summer. Well I've got just the thing for you! Brilliantly thought up by iClothing, it's the iPad little black dress! Oh yes! This beauty can be yours for only $90, and you're guaranteed to look great in this piece of geek couture clothing all summer long! And guys, don't think iClothing forgot about you.  You can purchase the iTee for a cool 45 bucks! Score! It even comes in white or black to match whatever mood you may be in. Wow these are hot. hahaha You know you want one!  Ready to seal the deal and make the purchase? Be the first in Sac to own one, just click here!
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