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Music News 7.26.12!
Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" will be #1 for the 7th week in a row on the Billboard Hot 100 next week, making it the longest run on top ever by a Canadian female, beating the old record of 6 weeks set by Nelly Furtado and Celine Dion. Pretty crazy!

 No doubt, just released their first new song in nine years will be making the rounds on T.V. Catch them onight on Jimmy Falson and tomorrow morning on Good Morning America's summer concert series. Their new CD Push and Shove comes out Sept 25th!

I'm so excited the Olympics are here! Opening Ceremonies are tomorrow night, and not to get ahead of ourselves but, the Closing Ceremonies on Aug 12th will feature performances by One Direction, The Who, Ed Sheeran, Take That, Queen, The Spice Girls, Russell Brand and a number of supermodels including Kate Moss.
Grouplove who has the super catchy summer hit "Tongue Tied" will be performing this Saturday night in Sacramento at the Launch festival. Go to launchsacramento.com for more information.

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Hot Chelle Rae at the State Fair!
The guys of Hot Chelle Rae returned to Sac last night for the first time since EndFest 2011 with a show at the State Fair.  I got to hang with the guys for a few minutes before they took the stage, and they wanted me to tell all of you that you'll be hearing some new music from them soon, maybe as early as September!  They're very close to having the final versions ready for about 4 songs, and can't wait for everyone to hear them.  We also discussed our shared love of Anchorman, spurred on by Jamie's very manly and very fake moustache I tried to convince him to wear on stage!
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Cody Simpson Interview
Cody Simpson stopped by The End studios today before his concert tonight at the State Fair! Here's my interview with him. Find out how you can get his attention at the fair tonight, whether he likes Cali girls better than Australians, and learn some inside scoop about his debut CD coming out in October. Enjoy!
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Music News! 7.18.12
Thanks to a Twitter prank gone perfectly Pitbull is currently planning his next show in Kodiak Alaska. Mr. Worldwide had a Facebook contest promising to play a show at any Walmart that got the most Facebook 'likes', and is now keeping that promise by heading to the remote island of Kodiak. Only reachable by plane or boat Pitbull better pack warm clothes for his next excursion!

Endfest headliner Demi Lovato is having lots of fun judging this upcoming season of X Factor, and is busy getting to know all her co-workers. Lovato recently stated how much her and Britney Spears get along because of all the things they have in common. However, as some have speculated she does not have a crush on fellow co-worker Simon Cowell! While she thinks he is a really great guy deep down her relationship with him is completely platonic.
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Music News! 7.9.12
Not only will EndFest 2012 star Demi Lovato be judging on X-Factor in the fall, but now she'll also be hosting the annual Fox Teen Choice Awards just 2 days after EndFest.  Talk about a busy weekend!  Demi is nominated in four categories including Choice Summer Song and Choice Love Song.  Good luck, Demi!

On Friday, Justin Bieber was given a ticket for speeding, being clocked at 80mph on Highway 101 in LA, although most witnesses claim he was really going well over 100.  We all know that Justin likes driving fast, but he is insisting that he was being chased by the paparazzi at the time.  Learning more, we now find out that Justin actually filed a harassment claim against a certain paparazzo who he says was wildly swerving around other cars even onto the freeway shoulder in attempt to keep up with Justin.  Can you imagine being an innocent driver minding your own business on the freeway that day and those clowns sped past you?  The paps are so inconsiderate of anyone around them in their lame attempts for that perfect photo, that I hate to say it, but they're going to kill someone someday.  The Biebs gave the police officer the guy's license plate number.  It will be interesting to see if they do anything about it.

Nicki Minaj tweeted today that she feels she was fondled by a TSA officer attempting to board a plane.  I thought your Starships were meant to fly, Nicki?

Most hip-hop stars have a one track mind when it comes to women's breasts, but Flo Rida has proven he's above all that by recently donating $1 million to a breast cancer research charity.  The rapper was presented with special awards for his efforts, and continues to encourage woman to get regular check-ups.  Thumbs up to you, Flo.

American Idol may possibly be casting former runner-up Adam Lambert to be the next star judge. Adam finished in 2nd place just 3 years ago and is already in talks to be the next about possible joining the lineup next season.  An insider for American Idol says that Adam Lambert may be replacing Randy Jackson to spice up the show.

P!nk has announced that her new CD will be entitle The Truth About Love, and is already working on an exciting tour schedule.  She's talking about setting herself on fire during the show, doing research into a way to make this a show her fans will never forget.  Check out her new song "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" on our Hot New Music Page.
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California sucks! (well, at least the people running it do)

Dear losers in the State Legislature... Let me get this straight. You claim California is broke (we are), so you threaten massive cuts to education, and yet now you go and approve starting a $68 billion high-speed rail project?? In November, when you ask us to vote to raise our own taxes (again), and you're airing all your sob-story commercials claiming that there's no money for our schools without higher taxes, we'll remember that you chose to build a choo-choo train instead.

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