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Posts from July 2013

100 year old State Fair video!
The California State Fair opens this Friday!  Pretty crazy to think our state has been doing this every year since way back in the 1850's, and you'll never believe what they used to do at the fair a hundred years ago!  Check out this video from the 1913 fair.  Guess it's the old-time equivalent of our modern day Demolition Derbies?

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Get Discovered!! American Idol auditions
Check out my commercial currently airing on Fox 40!!

We don't know who the judges will be on next season of American Idol (I'm hoping it will be some combo of Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson or Clay Aiken like is rumored), but it's time to start looking for that undiscovered talent!  The End is teaming up with Fox 40 to find an awesome singer from our area to send down to San Francisco next week for a Guaranteed Audition with the AI folks.  Be at Thunder Valley this Tuesday morning at 7am to register and get ready to sing!  I'm one of the judges, so I look forward to hearing your voice.  For more info, go to Fox40.com/Idol.  Hope to see you there!
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