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Posts from August 2013

Deep Thoughts about Miley Cyrus.

Our tabloid/social media-driven pop culture requires "shocking" events like Miley's performance at the VMA's last night to survive, to keep driving the gossip. Sure, we're all saying we're appalled by her raunchy antics, but at the same time, we can't stop rehashing every detail. Our willingness to keep talking about it validates its importance. I'm not condoning what she did on stage, but will argue that in reality all she was doing was giving everybody what they wanted, something to talk about. 

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My Posts about the VMA's
Gaga showed no shows of trouble from her hip surgery earlier in the year during her performance. Good start to the show, and about as "normal" as Gaga is capable of being. Channeling her inner Ariel there at the end?

I think One Direction was checking out Selena Gomez' rear end while she was accepting her award.

Well, Miley was definitely more provocative than Gaga, that's about all I care to say about that performace. And do you think Robin Thicke asked his wife first if Miley could twerk all up on him?

Very tough competition for Best Female Video, and Taylor Swift takes it. Is Taylor the antithesis of Miley? And what do you think, was that a dagger at Harry Styles in her speech?

Justin Timberlake is responsible for some of the biggest hits of the past decade or so. He's hit the Top 5 ELEVEN times as a solo artist since '02 (and that's not counting songs he's been featured on). I think we're hearing about all of them now. Good stuff.

OK ladies, share your feelings about seeing Justin, J.C., Lance, Joey and the other Chris K all on stage together again. How was it??

Pretty sure Macklemore did not buy his suit at a thrift shop. Stylin. I want one.

This new Drake song (Hold On We're Going Home) is going to be a SMASH!!! Thanks for gettin dressed up for the occasion by the way, Drake.

Did you notice Taylor looked like she was a foot taller than Bruno Mars?! Congrats to the very talented Bruno for taking Best Male Video.

OK the announcer has said twice now that "Roar" is the biggest hit of Katy Perry's career. This is simply not true. First of all, it's been out like 2 weeks so we really don't know how big it's going to get. Second of all, it's currently #2 on the Hot 100, and she's hit #1 SIX times previously. Get your facts straight, MTV.

Parting thought from tonight... while most everyone was horrified by Miley Cyrus' antics on stage, she certainly got everyone talking, and isn't that really what has made the VMA's tick all these years? It all started with Madonna humping the stage in a wedding dress back in the 80s. Outrageous gets noticed. As solid as say, Bruno's or Gaga's songs were, everyone will be instead be talking about Miley tomorrow, and I suspect that is exactly what she was trying to do.
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Cimorelli wins a Teen Choice Award!!

We're so proud of our local girls Cimorelli who won a Teen Choice Award last night for Choice Web Star! Hear them talk about their experience at the show and what they've been up to lately.  Say hey on Twitter @CKontheRadio.
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Ariana Grande checks in!
The lovely Ariana Grande surprised me by calling into my show this afternoon. Check out what she's up to and what she has to say about her new CD coming out in September!
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What did it feel like to MEET One Direction??

Laurel and Sara won our Where In The World Is One Direction game last week, so they got to MEET the guys last night in Oakland! Listen to their amazing experience :)
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