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Posts from May 2014

My EndFest interview with Ed Sheeran!
It was an absolute pleasure getting to chat with Ed Sheeran before he took the stage at EndFest last Sunday.  You'll learn a lot about Ed, his music , his upcoming MTV documentary and so much more in this fun interview.  Hope you enjoy it!
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My chat with Clare, Sacramento's Bachelor star!

We watched her all season on The Bachelor, Sacramento's newest reality TV star, Clare Crawley!  Check out our chat as she dishes on Juan Pablo, and discusses everything about her experience on the show, from the stuff you saw on TV, to the stuff you didn't!

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Class of 2014: DON'T do this!!

Students in the Senior class at Teaneck High in New Jersey tried to pull off some sort of epic Senior prank, but unfortunately it ended with 62 of them being arrested!!  They broke into their school last night (yes, that's illegal!) and proceeded to put vasoline on doorknobs, filling the halls with balloons and silly string, even taping hot dogs to lockers (not sure what that's all about!).  Besides the whole breaking in part, it still sounds somewhat lighthearted to this point.  But of course then some of them starting peeing in the hallways, flipping over desks and chairs, and even spraypainting graffiti on the walls.  24 of the 62 arrested were 18, so they will actually be charged with burglary and criminal intent.  Not a great way to start off your life as an adult!  So just keep that in mind Class of 2014 if you're planning a senior prank.  Please don't break the law doing it!! haha

Hey Seniors!! Have you heard that The End wants to make a graduation song customized just for your high school?  Get all the info at http://bit.ly/GradSong2014


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