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Controversial TIME Cover

This week's cover of TIME Magazine is causing quite a stir. Some people think the magazine has gone too far. What do you think?

Full the full cover as well as the cover article here.

While the Wake Up Call were discussing the cover and the issues Gavin's wife has been having with breastfeeding, a woman called and screamed at Gavin:

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05/11/2012 6:33AM
Controversial Time Cover
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05/11/2012 9:03AM
I was one of those moms who was grossed out by breastfeeding. And honestly, Gavin,there is nothing wrong with NOT breastfeeding. My son was never breastfed and he is perfectly fine. He has had an above average life, he has always been healthy, and he will be coming home this weekend from finishing his first year of college. You can't pay attention to ignorance.
05/11/2012 11:20AM
I am so upset by the caller who made a statement that "a mother is someone who breast-feeds and all the others are just a mom" There are plenty of reasons why some woman cannot nurse their children, sickness, surrogate, adoption, taking on role of Mother, etc. My mother could not nurse my brother due to illness and she is still a Mother. I have three biological children and although I did successfully breast-feed two of them, my first was not a success. I tried for two weeks and felt that my son was not getting enough nutrients from me and decided to stop nursing. I'm pretty sure waking up with my son every three hours, staying up nights with him when he was sick, hours of homework and school projects, baking birthday cakes, disciplining bad behavior, and loving him unconditionally everyday 12 years makes me a "MOTHER" and I'm pretty sure that it makes all the others "MOTHERS" too. Ignorant woman, she should think before she speaks! Oh and Gavin I get it, your not being selfish and you are not “not being supportive”, you just want what's best for your wife and son and if the breastfeeding is causing hardship for the two of them all you want is for things to be as smooth as possible for your family. Sorry long comment, that woman just made me so mad!
05/11/2012 12:00PM
What an idiot!
I missed this morning, but listened to it here...and she is a CRAZY B*&%h!!! I have 5 kids and was only able to breastfeed one of them...they are ranging 7-18 years old and all VERY HEALTHY! I am disgusted by the narrow minded wrongness of people like Erin. Being a mother is so, so, so much more than whether your able to feed breast versus bottle. I am so sorry for Stacy, she shouldn't feel bad if she's having a hard time nursing...just get Connor fed - by any means necessary!! lol.
05/14/2012 8:52AM
I had a hard time breastfeeding
I had a hard time breastfeeding BUT I did TRY. A "MOTHER" is someone who is always their for their child(ren)....to feed them whether it be by bottle or breast, to change their diapers, to dry their tears, to help them with their homework, etc...
05/14/2012 9:41AM
ignorant erin
Gavin good for you supporting and defending your wife....I am a mother of 4 and tried breastfeeding FOREVER and unfortunately just couldnt?? It was very stressful for me and im sure my baby could sense it too. I had to give up and certainly not due to lack of trying. It would be much easier to pop out a boobie in the middle of the night then have to get up and make bottles. So why Erin would call us "moms"lazy i dont know??? Some women justt cant and i like your wife was one of them! BUT also let me say i have 4very healthy children that luckily rarely even get sick!! Thank God just healthy! And i support them, take care of them, bandage their boo boos and that makes me a good mommy!!! Good luck with your family!!!!!
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