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Cop Out

Director Kevin Smith was in the news recently for getting kicked off a Southwest flight because he was too fat to take up one seat.  He was all over the entertainment shows and blogs and movie sites online for weeks.  Remember when he used to get that kind of press because he made good movies?  Yeah, I'm starting to forget those days too.  Cop Out stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as detectives trying to bust up a Mexican drug ring in New York City.  Does that sound cliche to you?  I hope so because that's the intention of the movie.  Cop Out was made with the purpose of being a walking-talking cliche of all the "Buddy Cop" action/comedy movies you've ever seen.  Think Lethal Weapon, Bad Boys, and 48 Hours, but in this case it's directed by a guy who's used to making low-budget "d*ck'n'fart joke" comedies.  The fact that it's a cliche is perfectly fine.  That's not what's wrong with the movie.  In fact, that's a very funny premise since it's such an easy genre to mock without making fun.  The problem is that if you are going to do that you have to make the action, ass-kicking and the comedy, side-splitting.  Cop Out was more on the funny side but far from side-splitting and lacked so much action it was downright boring.  The film had scenes of pure hilarious moments followed by grueling dry spells of failed punchlines and awful improv.  Sadly, that could be said for all of Kevin Smith's movies in the past decade; pretty sad for the guy who created Chasing Amy and Dogma.  That might have been because Tracy Morgan isn't funny in large dosages and Bruce Willis is sentenced to play the "straight guy" to Morgan's dummy and that's a waste of good talent.  Of course it doesn't help when you pepper in hackie performances from Smith alumni Jason Lee (Chasing Amy, Mallrats), the inexplicably famous Sean William Scott (American Pie) and a villain played by newcomer Guillermo Diaz, who's not bad but acts like he's either deaf, retarded or a deaf retard.  There are those people out there that will go to see this and expect nothing new, clever or groundbreaking; and they will probably tell you that this movie is great.  And you know, as long as you're okay with spending money on stuff like that, then to you it probably is.  But if you want to see a movie that is the EXACT same film; that lampoons the cliche "Buddy Cop" action/comedy movie and not only does it perfectly, but pays perfect homage to the genre without mocking its genetic make up - go rent the 2007 Edgar Wright movie Hot Fuzz staring the brilliant Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Star Trek).  I just wish Kevin Smith would've done that before making Cop Out so he could've picked up a few pointers. Cop Out (Rated R) Gavin Grade: D+ Want to win tickets to join me at a screening of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3D?  Then click here!!!

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02/25/2010 7:05PM
Cop Out
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