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Creepy New Life Form???

This video was shot in the sewer system in North Carolina.  There is some odd, blob-like thing down there....and it appears to be breathing!  Some are calling it the "Sewer Monster"!  I am usually skeptical of these things and think to myself..."well I'll bet it's actually ______________", but in this case...I have no idea.  This video actually creeped me out!!

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07/02/2009 12:29AM
Creepy New Life Form???
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07/02/2009 2:30AM
http://www.kdvr.com/kdvr-prehistoricsewermonstercaug-5439314,0,673974.story it's not a new life form, it is in fact very very old
07/02/2009 2:33AM
Corina Jimenez
Wow. . . This video is creepy. . It does look like poop but the more that I watched it, it actually is pulsing yuck!! Could it truley be a living creature down there?!? HmMmM. .
07/02/2009 2:36AM
what the hell is going on in this world ! iraq and the new age depression the lost of micheal jackson the threats by korea anc now this signs of end of the world.
07/02/2009 3:00AM
It looks like poop being sucked down into the crack...ha that doesn't sound too right. Anyways, thanks 4 for video of something that looks like my friend would eat. OFF TO SKOO NOW! =D
07/03/2009 7:13AM
Katarina Lendl
It is actually a fungus of some type and it contracts because it feels the heat from the camera's light and it's trying to stay hydrated. It's not a new life form, just fungus.
09/02/2009 2:56AM
Bill Bartmann
Cool site, love the info.
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