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Cute or Disgusting?

I've met a ton of parents who have, what I like to call "kid tricks" that they teach their little children. These are always something "cute" that the kid does at a certain command. The kids are always too young to really know what they are doing. Does this "kid trick" cross the line, or is it cute? After you watch the video, post a comment and let me know what you think. Also, do you have a "kid trick" that your kid did when they were little? What was it?

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08/05/2009 12:34AM
Cute or Disgusting?
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08/05/2009 1:11AM
That is so not cute.
08/05/2009 2:54AM
NOT CUTE. Any parent that wants to encourage their daugther, at any age, to lift their shirt to people and then post it for EVERYONE to see is just sick.
08/05/2009 3:26AM
this is cute
08/05/2009 3:51AM
This reminds me of what I saw this weekend. My two nephews (both 3 year olds) happened to be wrestling inside the "Jumpy House" (Jumper) at a birthday party. Then they suddenly started punching each other and the parents were cheering them on!!! I couldnt believe it!
08/05/2009 4:03AM
not cute at all
08/05/2009 4:51AM
This wasn't something I taught my son to do but it sort of is a funny kid story......When he was little (about 2) he had a terrible diaper rash so when I would change him I would blow on his bottom with the hair dryer after I cleaned him to make sure he was dry. (This was around the same time that he started undressing himself all the time) One night we were at my parents house and they had about 15 friends over for a party ...Mathew rips his diaper off and starts running around the house screaming "BLOW ME MOMMY, BLOW ME!" His rash must have been hurting and he tought that would make it feel better! HAHA! Needless to say I stopped using the blow dryer at changings and it took about a week for him to stop asking!
08/05/2009 5:09AM
Being a parent of a 3 year old I could see where this would look cute but NOT to be advertised online. I have a video of my son dancing naked while brushing his teeth but would NEVER in a million years put it out for people to see it. There are a lot of not-so-nice people out there and would never put my son in danger like that cause you just never know but that's just my opinion.
08/05/2009 6:27PM
Um, Kitty... HOW exactly is this putting her daughter in danger? Is some "not so nice" person going to stalk her toddler to do something "not so nice" to her? Get over it people, it's funny because she's clearly mocking the Girls Gone Wild crowd, and their blatant lack of brain cells. Wanna go after someone who's attracting dangerous attention to their toddlers...got for the pageant mothers. Lighten up.
08/05/2009 7:09PM
This is awesome! I don't understand what the big deal is. I used to run around my neighborhood flashing the neighbors when I was 3. I was a nanny to a little 3 year old for awhile and whenever I had to change her diaper she would first do a lap around the office naked. Co-workers would come out of their offices and clap and cheer. We are taking this way to seriously...I think those who find this wrong need to calm down a bit.
08/05/2009 7:40PM
So the lady removed the video. Now how do we see it?
08/05/2009 9:25PM
I know my two year old lifts her shirt/dress all the time, this is just associating words to an action done naturally. I think this just clarifies how silly adults are in their actions, babies don't have boobs to flash, babies are just acting like babies. If you think this is bad what do you all think about the Landlord video by Will Farrel?
08/06/2009 3:43AM
Well, the video had been deleted, so I can't really judge it. I am a parent, but I have boys. If I had a daughter though, I am pretty positive, that I wouldn't be teaching her how to flash and yell spring break and I have a sense of humor. In my opinion,that is just all wrong and not funny at all.
08/06/2009 3:50AM
Kids always go through that phase where they lift their shirts or pull down there pants. Its cute & funny yes! But posting on the internet?? Not so cute. Why would you wanna expose your own child like that?
08/06/2009 4:11AM
It doen't matter. There isn't a kid in this world who hasn't done that and we don't all become strippers.If you want to see an inappropriate kid video check out Will Ferrils landlord video. His daughter repeatedly calls him a bitch and asshole.
08/06/2009 6:12AM
Why would it be ok for a 3 year old to mock a girlsgonewild video?? How inappropriate. The child has no idea what she is doing and now the parents are exploiting her. Yes, 2 and 3 yr olds lifting their shirts/skirts up is normal and harmless, but the second the parents introduced the whole "spring break!" sexual connotation to it and then posted it online, it became just wrong. The parents should take their parenting role more seriously and not use her for crude online videos just to get some laughs.
08/10/2009 2:06PM
I agree with many that while this is cute, it shouldn't be on the internet. It SEEMS that this girl is being taught a bad lesson. If you go back to the Wake Up Call page, you can listen to Jason read an email from the mom of this little girl, explaining how this whole thing came about. At least for me, it kinda puts it all in perspective.
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