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DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2009

DJ Earworm did a mash-up of all the most popular songs from the past year. Watch the pretty cool video here: Click here to download the song from DJEarworm.com.

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01/04/2010 4:45AM
DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2009
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01/04/2010 5:05PM
Love that mix! great job DJ Earworm
01/04/2010 6:00PM
you know i really really like this.its like electronic.but really cool.not like some retard trying to mix a few songs.yeah...i like it a lot.
01/05/2010 12:27PM
i love this song & video!!!$!!!$
01/05/2010 5:01PM
this song is hella dope!
01/05/2010 5:24PM
Hmm, normally I'm not a fan of mashups... u but this is REALLY COOL! MOstly mixes don't really connect, but this one actually does and the cool thing is actually has the bits and pieces of the videos! Overall pretty tight!
01/05/2010 5:34PM
I love this!! Is it ever going to be on itunes??
01/05/2010 6:45PM
That was freakin awesome! I cant wait to see next years. Keep it up man.
01/06/2010 8:15PM
Nice remix! best one all year!!!
01/07/2010 4:04PM
That song is... omg there's no words to describe it
01/07/2010 7:04PM
wow i dont really like that many remixes but damn!! thats an ah-mazin one right there!!
01/08/2010 8:32AM
Absolutely love this... Freakin Awesome
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