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Dancing Chihuahua, funny or abuse?

If you are an animal lover, like I am, answer this question: Is this video funny, or is this video animal abuse?  Please comment! Here are my thoughts. Chihuahuas are small breeds. I owned one before giving over custody to my parents years ago. When I bought my dog, she weighed 2.2 lbs. When she was fully grown, she was about 6 lbs. When these little dogs stand up on their hind legs, they look even skinnier! The dog in the video is being tied up, by the neck. This is how people walk their dogs, unless they use a harness. I love my Jack Russell Terrier, but I gotta tell you that even at the age of 7, Maizee still chokes herself when we go for walks. She LOVES to pull on the leash and after all these years, she hasn't learned that it will make her cough. We've tried dog harnesses on her and they cause her skin to have problems. She has very sensitive skin and many allergies. The dog in this video is only trying to get free. That's what dogs do when they don't want to be on a leash, or tied up. If the dog was being pulled up, by it's neck, by it's owner or some bratty kids, I would NEVER have put it on this blog. What are your thoughts? Comment here!

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05/04/2009 1:00AM
Dancing Chihuahua, funny or abuse?
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05/04/2009 4:33AM
Here's the thing... it's all about education. Especially for us adults. We tend to judge things only through our experience of the world. As for the "bratty kids" comment- sounds like someone had a bad experience. Kids are not bratty, just innocent and waiting to be taught the right way; and unfortunately us "adults" don't always do that- do we? As for the dog, he's doing what naturally comes to him in the circumstances he is in. Based on the video there are no signs of abuse for these reasons: 1- the dog is tied up, but not tightly; 2- this dog is displaying normal behavior for a dog- when they are tied up; 3- each animal within a species displays different tendencies (some are more playful than others) this dog simply looks like he's dancing (that's our human interpretation since I don't think a dog understands the concept of "dancing", rather he is looking to the response of his "people"; 4- look at the dogs eyes, there is no sign of fear it just looks like he wants to be closer to those on the other side of the camera (a fearful dog would be displaying much different behavior); there are no external triggers for the behavior, only music. If someone were abusing the dog one might see added "forced" stimulus to get the result seen in the video. It's not there, so the dog is simply doing what it naturally does, the "abuse" label is simply a "mis"-label from people that do not know differently (like some of those "bratty kids" mentioned earlier. Innocent enough.); and if one were to really listen to the video you can hear other signs to support that this is not abuse... 1- a minor one, and up for interpretation, the music itself- not aggressive in nature (and is the only stimuli the dog appears to be responding to); 2- the sweetness of a child's laughter in the background. The room in which this is taking place sounds more loving than abusive on many levels.
05/04/2009 4:34AM
Did I hear Kelly say that dogs are left outside, tied to a tree and it's ok??? It's not ok! Do some research. This can make a dog territorial and agressive.
05/04/2009 4:57AM
I dont think this is animal cruelty. It doest seem like they are forcing him to dance. I think it is very cute.
05/04/2009 11:02AM
Hmmmmmm........... I kinda agree with Jamie. i don't think it's animal cruelty too.... it is funny tho.... ^^ lol..
05/04/2009 1:45PM
This is really funny and not cruel at all, and I love dogs. Those people are just dumb. (And as far as there not being any "bratty kids" in the world- that stephanie needs to take a look around. Some kids are just brats)
05/07/2009 3:19PM
Why would this be cruel? No one is making him dance, and he's not being hurt. I think it's pretty hilarious actually...lol
07/09/2009 7:04AM
I don't think it's CRUEL but he is tied up around his neck in order to keep him up and i don't think that's very nice. This is a little cute, but nothing super special.
08/24/2009 5:56AM
Royal Botania
02/13/2012 4:08PM
Hold upp.! Im bout to snap
Both... i think its funny UNTIL i saw the string BUT why do it gotta be tied up like that.?! And i just saw a picture of the people who own this chihuahua and they holding it by a string which is tied to its neck smiling like its all straight.?! F*** wronge with them .! ( i get pised off for S**t head like this .! It may just be funny and cute and not cruel to you but TO ME it is just for freakinq publicity .! >:/ ( if i EVER see em ima tie them by there nasty neck and pull it and FORCE to dance see if you people think its still cute .!
02/13/2012 4:13PM
Hold upp AGAIN.!!
Ok i take SOME back but itss not CRUEL just one thing WHYY THE F*** DO IT GOTTA BE TIED BY ITS D** NECK.!?!?! (PS ITS TAKING FOREVER TO
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