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Does the world need a Justin Bieber 3-D film??

Teenage hearts everywhere are beating just a little bit faster today upon the announcement that Justin Bieber is making his debut on the big screen. That's right, Bieber, in the movies!  OMG!  Well, sort of.  He's starring in a movie about himself.  And he's playing himself, which shouldn't be too much of a stretch (Justin will be honing his budding acting skills on the small screen in next month's season premiere of NCIS).  Okay, so I guess it's more of a documentary then.  Potential moments to catch on film: What's it like backstage with Justin before one of his shows??  What does Justin eat for breakfast??  How does Justin escape the constant throngs of adoring fans which surround him seemingly wherever he goes??  It all sounds fascinating, doesn't it?  Oh yeah, and did I mention that it's in 3-D?  Double OMG!! Alright, I admit I'm being a little sarcastic about all of this.  I mean, c'mon, did NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys have a movie during their heyday?  What about the Jonas Brothers, who until only recently were on the receiving end of many of the same screams that the Bieber is currently getting.  Sure, Jonas had their campy Disney Channel movies, but that's not exactly big screen material.  Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus both had their concert movies, but I'm thinking, based on what I've heard about Justin's movie so far, that this is going to be oh so much more.  Here's the facts: the Bieber is teaming up with Paramount Pictures, MTV Films and his record label, the Island Def Jam Music Group, to release a 3-D film currently scheduled to hit theaters on Valentine's Day weekend 2011.  Oh yeah, and Justin is also starting his own production company to work on the film.  Sure he is.  Because... he's so good at movie production?  Please rise everyone, the Bieber would like to speak, "When the idea for a movie first came to us, we knew immediately this was our chance to give something very special back to the all fans who have been a huge source of inspiration and support throughout my entire career thus far (editorial note: that's been about 10 months so far).  They simply make my dreams come true every day.  I cannot wait to share all the great experiences I've had over the last few years with them."  Me neither. Now I don't mean to demean the Bieber, after all, he was one of the big stars at our Jingle Ball last year, and he seemed like a nice kid.  No doubt he is currently object of affection #1 for teenage girls around the globe.  I guess I'm not sure why this all strikes me as odd.  I mean, I suppose we should be used to this by now, right?  People trying to cash in every possible dollar while the Bieber is still hot.  They've even got a "big name director" attached to the project, one Davis Guggenheim, who also produced and directed Al Gore's propaganda, err, documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.  I see that he also directed the pilot for the already canceled Melrose Place revival last year, which begs the question...  which was the bigger pile of crap? So the countdown is on, just over 6 months until Justin is unleashed upon us in 3-D.  Who knows, maybe this will be cinematic brilliance.  But then again, it probably won't.


08/03/2010 8:45PM
Does the world need a Justin Bieber 3-D film??
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08/03/2010 11:11PM
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08/04/2010 4:17AM
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08/10/2010 7:46AM
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