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Gavin Grades The Movies

Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me to Hell (Rated PG-13) Gavin Grade: A- The trailer for this movie proudly announced "Sam Raimi's triumphant return to Horror" and boy they couldn't be more right.  Director Sam Raimi, who you probably know from the Spiderman movies, is a cult hero of mine and many other fans of film because of some of his earliest movies which are The Evil Dead triology.  These movies are a mix of slapstick comedy, gross out effects and scary, scary stories and images.  "Drag Me to Hell" is not only following in that same line, but has kicked it up a notch.  When I saw this, there were a bunch of idiot teenagers sitting in the back of the theater talking loudly and screaming at the screen.  My girlfriend, Stacy, was getting more and more annoyed, but I told her that if you're going to see any movie with a rowdy theater, Sam Raimi movies are the ones to see.  You know, it's no easy task to not only make a movie that is hilarious and terrifying with equal parts yet still maintain a purely fun movie going experience.  His use of color and sound amazes me in this film.  100% of the suspense is created purely by the sound effects and the amazing music score.  The special effects are decent enough for what it was aiming for.  I frankly would be a little bummed if the King of the B Movies suddenly got a $100 million budget dropped in his lap to make a horror film.  There aren't any big names or even famous faces in this except for maybe Justin Long (who, at the very least, you'll recognize as the Mac guy.)  But stealing the show is Alison Lohman, who I last saw in Tim Burton's "Big Fish."  For being an adorable, angel-faced doe, she really holds her own as the star of this VERY physical role that's very much like the Bruce Campbell role in The Evil Dead films.  Please don't see this film expecting the types of horror that we've only had to chew on for the past few years.  This is a rare breed of horror that doesn't come along very often and when it does it's meant to be enjoyed for exactly the only reason it was made...to have fun.


06/03/2009 6:46PM
Drag Me to Hell
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