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Eminem Relapse CD release date!

It's been rumored and speculated about, pushed back and delayed many times, but finally all of that can come to an end as Eminem announced today that his new CD, Relapse, will be released on May 19th. Relapse will include his current track, "Crack A Bottle" with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, which was not originally intended to be the first single from the album. Radio stations across the country began playing it when it leaked onto the net earlier this year, despite Em trying to persuade stations against doing so. That leads me to believe that the real first single (coming out accompanied with a video on April 7th) will be a much better song, and more reminiscient of the classic Em style of hits we're used to. That wasn't Em's only big news today, however. He also let us know that Relapse won't be his only CD coming out in '09. Eminem will also drop Relapse 2 later this year! Whoa, slow down there, Shady! Let's get Relapse out first, and then worry about the next one! Either way, it'll be very interesting to see how Em is crafting his unique style of hip-hop here in 2009 (please, no auto-tune Em, I'm begging you!!), and whether his re-emergence can shake up today's hip-hop world as much as he did upon first arriving on the scene 10 years ago.


03/05/2009 10:13AM
Eminem Relapse CD release date!
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03/28/2009 2:09PM
He should just drop a double album!
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