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Eminem contradicts, movies explode! Thoughts on the Super Bowl commercials.

Isn't it funny how we spend most of our television-viewing lives trying to avoid commercials (thank you, TiVo), until the Super Bowl comes along. I actually found myself rewinding a few commercials to watch over again yesterday! And yes, I was in control of the remote. Very important. Let me begin with the movies. Was it just me, or did it feel like we were watching the same preview about 8 times? They all felt so formulaic. Oh look, an explosion! Oh no, here come the aliens! Oh look, there's a hot chick! They all had a different title at the end of the previews however, so I guess it was indeed 8 different movies. We evidently have a lot to look forward to at the cinema this summer. Did anyone else find it odd how Eminem made a commercial claiming "that's why I never make commercials," and then about an hour later, he made another commercial?? By my count, that's 2 commercials from the guy who doesn't make commercials. Also, what exactly was he trying to promote in the second one? I get that it was a Chrysler commercial for one of their new cars, but it felt more like it was produced by the Detroit Visitors Bureau, if indeed such an organization still exists. Probably a little slow in that office these days. And seeing that we the American taxpayers still have a small stake in General Motors (thankfully we're not the majority owners anymore), I guess you and I must have pitched in a bit of the $9 million GM spent on that 90-second commercial. Good for us. Besides that, it was the usual suspects like Bud Light, Doritos and Coca-Cola. Some of them were funny, some weren't. And are we going to get to follow the growth and development of the E-Trade baby all the way through his childhood years? Perhaps we'll see him being potty-trained next year while he tells us how easy it is to trade stocks his way. Did you have a particular favorite commercial? Leave a comment and let me know!


02/07/2011 12:17PM
Eminem contradicts, movies explode! Thoughts on the Super Bowl commercials.
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